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  1. You've really got it in for Fev, we don't like Cas at Fev but we are nowhere near as vile as you ?
  2. Well it must be ground criteria because every time it's mentioned Cas un Wakey get there plans out - never hear anything otherwise - fact!
  3. I never mentioned any theories, just pointing out what i had seen. But thank you for clearing it up.
  4. Just looked at RL fixtures on BBC website and Saturday 5th October is the Championship final - Toronto v Tolouse!
  5. The top five was the aim it was achieved, all away games which we all knew, but some are making out we would moan about it but I've neither heard or seen it on here from any Fev supporters.
  6. Hard lines York you came up against an inform team. BRILLIANT season for you regardless of today.
  7. He really did live un breath Featherstone Rovers, a win be very fitting today, RIP mate.
  8. They've more then enough with City and Utd.
  9. Potential match winning tries sadly not everyone see's it the same and the ref certainly didn't ?.
  10. So have we, to keep a lead, 12-0 at York then 18-0 against Tolouse but they are both pretty good.
  11. But how much profit would the club make then? £120 or £10 a month will go straight into the clubs coffers.
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