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  1. You've really got it in for Fev, we don't like Cas at Fev but we are nowhere near as vile as you ?
  2. Well it must be ground criteria because every time it's mentioned Cas un Wakey get there plans out - never hear anything otherwise - fact!
  3. I never mentioned any theories, just pointing out what i had seen. But thank you for clearing it up.
  4. Just looked at RL fixtures on BBC website and Saturday 5th October is the Championship final - Toronto v Tolouse!
  5. Definitely a great city, go quite often
  6. The top five was the aim it was achieved, all away games which we all knew, but some are making out we would moan about it but I've neither heard or seen it on here from any Fev supporters.
  7. As a Fev fan i don't know the answer to that, but if there's no chance of promotion for any team we may as well all pack in and leave SL to it!
  8. Thank you, we won't get any credit from some but boy do they love it when we step out of line!
  9. They've had some very barren years and it's great for their fan's especially the diehards.
  10. Fordy is well known and respected round Fev, coach of the year by a country mile or it stinks!
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