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  1. I had to laugh at the match was sat in main stand where it was mostly York fans but plenty of Fev fans. When we tackled with gusto it was dirty when York tackled same it was great - fans hey lol.
  2. And deservedly so, good game today and a cracking following from Fev. Probably get to meet in play offs if Rovers can get another win.
  3. Best team won we looked devoid of ideas at times, lost ball twice over line and again when attacking round about same time, we've beat em twice so hopefully we get another crack against em again.
  4. Gunna miss BC been many times to watch YC FC. but never seen Fev there so regardless of the result its a good day for me, I'll be back Bank Holiday Monday for City v Gateshead. Won't be same going out of the City but the new ground is long overdue.
  5. You haven't lost many lately and i may be wrong none at BC, the past two results between us count for nothing now so yes i agree with Ryan you are favourites for this but we relish being under dogs. Should be a good game and a decent crowd.
  6. Yer a bit premature there Simon, i hope yer not always premature ?
  7. We'll never know now but I'm not the only one on here who thinks it.
  8. I bet you anything Leeds would not have gone down, Gary Hetherington would have seen to that. Anyway its irrelevant now they got enough points to stay up.
  9. No its a squad, every team as them, up to the coach who he chooses to play.
  10. Hopefully Salford at least one different team in top five then.
  11. Well i was told on good authority that there's no DR so we shall have to wait and see. Like you say it may change - AGAIN.
  12. I've heard there's no DR next season.
  13. I've heard on good authority that's there's NO d/r next season, we shall see.
  14. Not many would have predicted a score like this the way Swinton have been playing. Rovers were well on form today.
  15. 1 Chisholm 2 King 3 Albert But a team effort.
  16. Playing well Rovers, passing ball about well today and tackling well, Swinton are no mugs though getting stuck in.
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