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  1. I'am afraid we've moved on since the war and sadly not for the better. Not as much respect now from all ages not just the younger generation. It's a shame some people can't pull together (like in WW2) and help get rid of this Pandemic for EVERYONE!
  2. Celt i can accept you're no lover of Featherstone but why laugh at a photo of the late great Steve Quinn?
  3. Hopefully not as long as Cas un wakey lol. Its one thing after another at the new ground so all being well should be ready for the new season.
  4. No problem, it's all the excitement on here lol.
  5. As a Fev fan obviously iam not a big fan of them but i like the ground and feel it's a shame they don't do it up. It's a proper Rugby ground and all their history is there. If we can do our ground up surely they can with all the Sky ££££.
  6. Don't think Rovers are having Leeds players on D/R now.
  7. They definitely have the potential for growth but i still can't see them getting big crowds but i would love to be proved wrong.
  8. A city the size of York can only just sustain the football and rugby league teams with the poor crowds they get. It, s never been an hot bed of sport and I've loved going to Bootham Crescent to watch both.
  9. Work, sleep, eat, have fun and support the Rovers lol
  10. Yeah it is because we're putting a decent squad together.
  11. Most Fev fans didn't like it but if we hadn't used it (and well) another team would have. We have our own squad now if you'd care to look further then your nose!
  12. Yeah beginning of November and nothing to do with Leeds. Featherstone Community something (forget what now). Prizes from local businesses by sound of it. That's roughly all i know.
  13. First time i went to Australia i asked for a Fosters and they just laughed at me, nowt to do with Australia that muck they said, drank Tooheys new after that.
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