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  1. BOTH sets of fans applaued that day, even though we lost it was a brilliant game.
  2. While we're all remanising about the old rugby days dose anyone get the Rugby League Journal out 4 times a year? If not go and buy it it's brilliant and loads to read and look back at.
  3. I remember Huyton v Fev locked gates when we all got in, players and staff walked across pitch looking for broken glass or anything else stuck in pitch.!
  4. First time i went to watch Featherstone at belle Vue (about 1971/2) it was a cracking ground imo. Stand behind sticks where them hospitality boxes are now and a stand on opposite side to the long stand, shame it's been left to deteriate like it as. Same as Wheldon Road they should do it up because it could be a decent ground and their history is there, better than these modern lego builds.
  5. They do get as far as getting their grand plans out of moth balls!
  6. You just can't help yourself can you? Live with it it's here for the foreseeable future, Fev Rhino's!
  7. Some have been boring some been well worth watching.
  8. Said it before and i will say it again - no relegation so don't need to win!
  9. Iam not saying they don't try but the motivation was clearly not there, Cats played well and took their chances but Wakefield didn't seem all that bothered, a team doesn't get 50+ points if the opposition are tackling like their lives depended on it and Wakefields clearly did not.
  10. They've rightly cancelled the season so what's point in a pointless competition?
  11. What a farcical way to win the cup it's bad enough having to do it as it is without having one game count for two.
  12. It makes me laugh when fans say Fev, Cas and Wakey are too close together, arnt Saints, Wigan and Warrington pretty close togeather? It's a case of Iam all right Jack in SL!!!
  13. Enjoy i thought we were never going to find out the verdict, talk about dragging it out!!!
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