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  1. Not heard anything from Fev but i don't want my money back.
  2. Wakey round here, cas Vegas, ponte carlo and feverly Hills .
  3. Mr McDermot doesn't even want c@$ or wakey in SL wants cities in, apart from Hull, Leeds and Salford which other teams are cities?
  4. And there in lays the reason why crowds are so poor because the stay away fans know there's nothing at the end of the season. We had a great go at it last season but they didn't want Fev to win, heartland teams like Batley, Dewsbury, Oldham, Swinton to name a few only get 100's because it's a waste of time and money. Featherstone should be getting double what they do but people would rather spend it on other things because SL as ruined RL for the rest of us, you'll always get your diehards but even some of them are getting restless.
  5. Robin you whinging? Never crossed mi mind .
  6. Shouldn't cheat then what's point in having a fair play league (whatever it's called if teams don't adere to it? About Wendies and Ram's got sorted out, didn't take em long to get Macclesfield sorted!!!!
  7. I didn't realise it was that long ago i still think the 70's weren't that long ago lol. Them two will NEVER get a new ground that's for sure!
  8. Well Mark Campbell wants promotion but i don't know if he was looking at next season, it's really short notice in all honesty for this season but i were saying Fev should be asked before Leigh simply because they were runners up.
  9. It was never going to be easy for Toronto and this Covid-19 hasn't just affected them.
  10. Weren't Featherstone the runners up to Toronto? Surely they should have a shot if anyone?
  11. Craven Cottage lol, they've had quite a few.
  12. Probably seen it full for football and it certainly looks different - obviously lol.
  13. Thinking about it that huge standing terrace as been replaced by a seated covered stand behind the goals as you enter the ground.
  14. I went there to watch Featherstone but the ground now as changed dramatically.
  15. Never thought it would go to last game, here's hoping !
  16. The (new) owners could and should have spent some money on some experienced players surely that wasn't too much to ask? Burnley & Bournemouth come to mind but we're surely as (big) as them?
  17. Remember it all well Robin sadly can't see it happening again, sport as changed so much and same as life its all about ££££££. We're going lose SIX MILLION POUNDS by not buying some experienced players to keep us up, bad business sense or what?, Crazy really is!
  18. Buy cheap mainly young then hopefully / usually sell em on. Can't sell older ones (experienced players) for much so don't buy them. Could have made all the difference this year.
  19. Better score then i thought but the way the club is being run is criminal. Average age 22 in the Championship is not good enough. Still plenty to talk about tomra with the 1000's of Leeds fans .
  20. Good idea but not if its on the car park, its a disgrace!
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