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  1. The hooter went a tad early, i remember it well i was there.
  2. I remember York weren't happy as they got relegated.
  3. 35,000 + HAVE!!!!! And if truths known its a lot more then that!
  4. No why would anyone want to risk getting this virus by attending an event with a crowd of people despite how many are there. 32,000 PLUS deaths don't lie!
  5. A good old fashioned Rugby ground, the stand behind one end was a double decker, I'd never seen anything like it ( it was a long time ago). Good atmosphere fear with four decent stands.
  6. Well he didn't know that and he was looking out for his club which is a natural thing to do.
  7. Crikey he probably shouldn't have had an opinion then!
  8. It's not just Mark who wants to get real, there's plenty on here got big ideas about playing again this season. And the government are now saying Be alert not stay at home - crazy!
  9. Went for weekend or day from 1973 to 1989 but got sick of seeing Wigan, nice to watch it at home or if away on holiday but nowt beats being there. Only been twice since 1989 just grew out of it.
  10. Starts at 2.05 till 3.20 not long for 5 games but at least its some RL to watch.
  11. First thing to go should be the scrums, complete waste of time.
  12. Butchers stripes for Fev you know who it is then. Had some wired and wonderful kits over the years.
  13. Yeah but they are both getting new grounds, sorry Wakefield are doing theirs up which will be as good as new.
  14. Challenge Cup Final 1983 Fev v Hull, we didn't stand a chance on paper, good job it WASN'T on paper lol.
  15. ALL the fans stood and clapped both teams that day, whilst disappointed it didn't feel like a bad defeat because of the way we came back from such a deficit.
  16. I can remember Fev were gunna be called The Pirates which wasn't well received but there was plenty of merchandise with the Pirate logo on them.
  17. These are exceptional times though which is affecting everyone all over the World. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  18. It, ll be down to the fans again, great fans and will probably start a fund.
  19. Germany have told people to wear a mask when out in public apparently.
  20. It is and i think sport will be way down the list wether we like it or not, just hope something can be sorted though.
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