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  1. Great to see Gus on the back page of the Times and Star today, looking forward to watching the game again next weekend. We would’ve been to the Cup Final already if this had been a normal year but at least we’ve got this to cheer us up a bit when there’s no action at DP (or pretty much anywhere else for that matter). Hopefully there’ll be plenty of us watching at the same time, I was thinking of doing a score prediction but think that some of you folk out there might know the score already, don’t worry I won’t spoil it for those who don’t (or more likely may have forgotten, some of us are getting to that sort of age!).
  2. I’ve just been checking our just giving page and have to say that I’m delighted to report that we’ve topped £2,000 already. We continue to receive some fantastic amounts which prove the affection that many people have for our great club. I’ve said before that whilst these donations are fantastic, the smaller amounts from those with lesser means are every bit as generous and equally well received, particularly when many people have seen their income severely reduced. May I take this opportunity to thank all who have donated so generously, on behalf of all of us at The Travellers Rest Supporters Club; and also to thank all who have donated via the other groups and fundraising initiatives. We are undoubtedly in the middle of the greatest global crisis of most of our lives and at times like these we need something to look forward to, a sign that normality has returned. Hopefully for many Town fans that will be a Sunday afternoon at Derwent Park cheering the lads on and, to quote her majesty “we’ll meet again”
  3. Some fantastic donations and a great amount in such a short time. Fully agree that people are hurting, just hope that folk realise that whilst the big sums are fantastic a couple of quid from the less well off is just as great a gesture and every bit as welcome.
  4. From the Our League App Tonight’s ball numbers Bradford Bulls Featherstone Rovers Huddersfield Giants Hull Kingston Rovers Hunslet Leigh Centurions Newcastle Thunder Rochdale Hornets Sheffield Eagles Swinton Lions Toronto Wolfpack Wakefield Trinity Whitehaven or Dewsbury Rams Widnes Vikings Workington Town York City Knights
  5. Because ball 9 was Sheffield, the numbers are allocated in alphabetical order so no way could Rochdale be 9 and Sheffield 8.
  6. It doesn’t matter at all, I try to use the best written English that I can, even in text messages I’m afraid, but that’s just me. I don’t particularly like it when people make fun of other people’s spelling or grammar which is why I find it very ironic when some people do and get it wrong themselves. I’d rather have a poorly written piece in praise of Town than a troll with perfect English.
  7. If you say so, you obviously have an intellect way too advanced for a simple soul like me to appreciate. Or maybe you cocked up and you’re too precious to admit it, I’ll leave that for other people to decide, I know my own thoughts on the matter.
  8. Oh the irony, a comment about someone’s grammar with the wrong spelling of capital, and a capital letter wrongly used.
  9. From Towns Twitter feed. Workington Town @WorkingtonTown · 1h Contrary to the report in the @newsandstar neither @OfficialHavenRl or Town have called our games off. To confirm our match against @westbowlingrlfc is ON at this point in time.
  10. Just been told that the team trained this morning and that as of now the match is definitely on!
  11. Can’t be difficult can it, I’m sure that we’re all perfectly happy with our employers discussing our contractual conversations on an open forum. Perhaps hatethejam will start by posting all his personal details, job offers, rates of pay and family life issues so that we can begin to make this forum as open as he would like!
  12. Old age is a terrible thing, fairly sure he scored two tries against amateur opposition though!
  13. I think his last game before coming to Town was a world club challenge which I think Wigan won. Would anyone turn down a player with that sort of CV? Maybe didn’t turn out as well as people hoped but in the same position would you not sign him again?
  14. He scored two tries for Town though, think it might have been against Wigan (St Pats!)
  15. Apologies folks, absolutely no idea why on Earth I posted that our AGM is tomorrow night, now edited to the correct date of next Tuesday 28th January.
  16. We are holding our TRSC annual general meeting next Tuesday night, 28th January. The meeting will be held in The Tom Mitchell Lounge at Derwent Park this year due to the unavailability of our normal home. The AGM will start at 7:00 pm followed by a members evening which is open to members old and new. We hope to have representatives from Town management and playing staff present, there will be the usual quiz and a chance to have a good craic above the season ahead. Subs this year will remain at £5 for adults and £1 for juniors. We hope to see as many members as possible and it would be even better if we can attract some new faces along! Hope to see as many of you as possible. Allan Lamb Hon Chairman.
  17. Are Rydiard and Shorrocks Cumbrian, if not it would appear that you’ve realised the weaknesses of your Cumbrian side and are looking to bring in the travellers that you need!
  18. Don’t know about Shorrocks but would be very surprised if Martin Ridyard was going to Whitehaven. Didn’t he sign a new contract with Leigh last November, no doubt Leigh would want a decent bit of cash to release him and cannot see a move to Whitehaven being a good move when you’ve just been granted a testimonial!
  19. Quite a change in opinion in such a short space of time, I wouldn’t call a six point win with a try in the dying minutes a healthy win against a team from a lower division with a load of trialists in!
  20. The information that I put on earlier was from my attendance at a shareholders meeting and came directly from Allerdales finance officer. The value of the lease is calculated using a method laid down in local authority legislation. As stated earlier, the value of the lease to Town is limited by the conditions regarding its use, restrictions on sub letting etc. and the fact that any buyer (Allerdale) has to remove the existing stadium before they could achieve full value on the open market. You also need to factor in the fact that Allerdale cannot take over without first building a replacement stadium. Once all that is complete the value of the land would be significantly increased, as owners Allerdale would not be subject to the conditions imposed on Town, something that our councillors didn’t bother mentioning when they made what appears to me to be a political decision rather than what’s best for the area.
  21. My understanding is that the lease was bought out by Allerdale, an initial payment made but that the legally binding agreement is that Town have full use of Derwent Park until such time as a new joint stadium is built. It is also my understanding that the Reds have a similar agreement, unless Allerdale had control of the land there was no way that they could move forward with the proposed new stadium. It should also be remembered that Towns lease allowed sport at Derwent Park but I don’t think that they could develop the land for any other use, this means that the land is worth much more to Allerdale as owners than to Town as tenants. Something else that our councillors decided not to mention!
  22. Really sad news, didn’t have the pleasure of seeing him play (a late convert to the game) but met him a good few times and a true gentleman and huge character. I remember Billy Thompson seeing him at a dinner and instantly saying “The smiling assassin!” He had a few tales about Les but you knew that they came from a man who had great respect.
  23. The Travellers Rest TOWN Supporters Club are once again holding their annual Sportsman’s Dinner. As usual the event will be held at The Washington Central Hotel, this year on Friday 25th October. The speakers this year are: HENDERSON GILL A former professional rugby league footballer, who played for Bradford Northern, Rochdale Hornets, Wigan, and South Sydney Rabbitohs in the NSWRL. He signed for Rochdale for the start of the 1980/81 season, finishing the campaign as leading try scorer with 18 touchdowns. He was a very quick winger who used his speed to great effect. His elusive and speedy style caught the attention of Wigan, for whom he signed the following season, going on to score a total of 145 tries during his time there, winning the Lancashire Cup twice, The John Player Special Trophy 3 times, the Challenge Cup and League Championship, and also the World Club Challenge against Manley-Warringah Sea Eagles. At International level, Henderson played one game for England and 15 times for Great Britain, scoring 9 tries. And PAUL NEWLOVE A former professional Rugby League centre who made his debut with Featherstone Rovers in 1988. In 1993 he scored 2 tries in the victory over Workington Town in the Division 2 Premiership Final at Old Trafford, scoring a club record of 48 tries during that season. In all he played 150 games for Featherstone, scoring 122 tries, before he moved to Bradford Northern in 1993, and then St Helens in 1995, where he played 208 games, in a successful 8 year period scoring 134 tries and lifting many trophies, including, Super League 4 times, the Challenge Cup 3 times, and the World Club Challenge in 2001. He also represented Great Britain 20 times, and England 4 times, scoring a total of 14 tries. As usual the event will be hosted by Howard Nicholson so no doubt one or two of us will be getting some stick! For more information or to book tickets, contact Tony Boyd on 07850552229.
  24. What a biased piece of reporting! Allerdale do not have an extra £5,000,000 to spend, they have an approved borrowing limit (for the purpose of building a stadium) which they can now borrow for something else. That’s like me getting a mortgage approved and saying that I have a couple of hundred grand to spend because I’ve decided not to buy a house.
  25. I meant that it must’ve been a long time since you were there, the Skolars pub has been shut for years and is now flats I believe.
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