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  1. I meant that it must’ve been a long time since you were there, the Skolars pub has been shut for years and is now flats I believe.
  2. Borough Park pitch wasn’t shortened, it doesn’t have the ideal length to incorporate a reasonable dead ball area and a suitable safety distance between the dead ball line and solid fencing; as demonstrated by poor Tyler! The pitch at Derwent Park was widened to comply with the FA’s requirements for the Reds. It’s one thing allowing a temporary ground for a particular reason and quite another to allow something as a permanent feature, sometimes you have to be reasonable in the particular circumstances.
  3. My understanding is that the lease on DP is to be surrendered as part of the new stadium deal but that a guarantee is in place to allow Town continued use of DP until such time as a new facility is provided. No new stadium, Town continue playing at Derwent Park!
  4. Once again the Travellers Rest TOWN Supporters Club are having one of our race nights. We’re holding this one in the Packhorse at Seaton on Saturday 20th July, all are welcome to come along and enjoy the fun. As usual there will be eight races and the chance to get together with a group of Town fans to enjoy a good crack. First race is at 7:30, horses are still available to buy for only a couple of quid, you can name your horse or even sponsor a race and name that. Contact any committee member or send an email to towntrsc@gmail.com to buy a horse or get further information, we hope to see as many Town fans as possible to help us raise vital funds for the club.
  5. Maybe it’s time for a freedom of information request?
  6. The 1975 act included any stadia with a capacity of 10,000 although there was a clause which dropped to 5,000 for football league grounds. Individual grounds were not covered until a designation order was in place. I think Derwent Park was designated in 1985 and Borough Park in 1986. I believe that the Zebras were included as a regulated stand in part because of the Cumberland V All Blacks game back in the early 70’s.
  7. There’s quite a bit more to it than that. There’s a complicated capacity calculation which is then multiplied by the lowest of either a physical (P) factor or safety management (S) factor of between 0 and 1; both of which are complicated in themselves. If either factor is 0 the ground capacity is 0. It doesn’t have to be applied to the whole ground, each spectator area is assessed separately in terms of physical factors, of course if the safety management is 0 it applies to the whole stadium.
  8. I think you’ll find that under local authority legislation they have to use an independent valuer and can’t just think of a figure. What value do you put on a very short lease on a piece of land that probably can’t be used for any other purpose and probably can’t be sub let, let alone sold. I don’t know any details of the lease but would be amazed if it didn’t contain all manner of restrictions which would make it all but worthless to anyone except the Reds.
  9. My understanding is that Town will be granted use of Derwent Park until such time as the stadium is built and that means as long as it takes if the plans fall through. The Reds will play at Derwent Park while it’s still there. Reds have a very short lease I believe, so not worth as much as Town. I would imagine that both leases are worth a lot less than people might think as I’ll bet they have all sorts of clauses limiting what can and cannot be done with the land. A bit more scaremongering perhaps!
  10. Would anyone wanting to travel with The Travellers Rest Supporters please make sure that they contact one of the committee members as we are not taking any bookings through anyone else, we need to ensure that we are not double booking and that we do not have to turn anyone away next Friday.
  11. Confirmed on rugby league website that the Siddal game is to be played this Sunday, 17th March at Derwent Park.
  12. Maybe we should at least wait until the disciplinary before we jump in. Just because he’s been charged doesn’t mean that he’ll get 3 matches, although knowing the RFL once you’re charged you’re presumed guilty.
  13. Should be a great night Nero, as always. I’ll bet Hock has some tales to tell! Looking forward to it already, I know it’s not the cheapest of events but worth every penny and one not to be missed. Given the awful news from the club re. Sunday night, I hope that there’s a good turnout and it raises as much cash for the club as possible.
  14. It’s that time of year again folks, the start of the season is almost upon us and as usual we have our AGM and members evening arranged. As usual it will be in The Travellers Rest (where else!) and this year it’s on Monday 12th February; the AGM starts at 7:00pm for current members followed by the members evening from 7:30 onwards. We hope that there will be players and representatives from Workington Town RLFC in attendance, there will as usual be a fun quiz and competitions to keep you entertained. As always we will be providing transport to away games, with prices still to be agreed. Everyone is welcome to attend, members old and new, so come along if you can and please pass the message on to anyone who may be interested. We look forward to seeing you on the 12th February for an enjoyable evening. Allan Lamb
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