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  1. We have been in touch with one of the officials from Crusaders to check the situation in Wales regarding spectators. Unfortunately they are not allowed yet so I can confirm that the Travellers Rest Supporters Club will not be providing away transport just yet. we’ll keep you informed as soon as we have any more news.
  2. I’ll take this for average!
  3. Great to see Gus on the back page of the Times and Star today, looking forward to watching the game again next weekend. We would’ve been to the Cup Final already if this had been a normal year but at least we’ve got this to cheer us up a bit when there’s no action at DP (or pretty much anywhere else for that matter). Hopefully there’ll be plenty of us watching at the same time, I was thinking of doing a score prediction but think that some of you folk out there might know the score already, don’t worry I won’t spoil it for those who don’t (or more likely may have forgotten, some of us are g
  4. I’ve just been checking our just giving page and have to say that I’m delighted to report that we’ve topped £2,000 already. We continue to receive some fantastic amounts which prove the affection that many people have for our great club. I’ve said before that whilst these donations are fantastic, the smaller amounts from those with lesser means are every bit as generous and equally well received, particularly when many people have seen their income severely reduced. May I take this opportunity to thank all who have donated so generously, on behalf of all of us at The Travellers Rest Suppo
  5. Some fantastic donations and a great amount in such a short time. Fully agree that people are hurting, just hope that folk realise that whilst the big sums are fantastic a couple of quid from the less well off is just as great a gesture and every bit as welcome.
  6. From the Our League App Tonight’s ball numbers Bradford Bulls Featherstone Rovers Huddersfield Giants Hull Kingston Rovers Hunslet Leigh Centurions Newcastle Thunder Rochdale Hornets Sheffield Eagles Swinton Lions Toronto Wolfpack Wakefield Trinity Whitehaven or Dewsbury Rams Widnes Vikings Workington Town York City Knights
  7. Because ball 9 was Sheffield, the numbers are allocated in alphabetical order so no way could Rochdale be 9 and Sheffield 8.
  8. It doesn’t matter at all, I try to use the best written English that I can, even in text messages I’m afraid, but that’s just me. I don’t particularly like it when people make fun of other people’s spelling or grammar which is why I find it very ironic when some people do and get it wrong themselves. I’d rather have a poorly written piece in praise of Town than a troll with perfect English.
  9. If you say so, you obviously have an intellect way too advanced for a simple soul like me to appreciate. Or maybe you cocked up and you’re too precious to admit it, I’ll leave that for other people to decide, I know my own thoughts on the matter.
  10. Oh the irony, a comment about someone’s grammar with the wrong spelling of capital, and a capital letter wrongly used.
  11. From Towns Twitter feed. Workington Town @WorkingtonTown · 1h Contrary to the report in the @newsandstar neither @OfficialHavenRl or Town have called our games off. To confirm our match against @westbowlingrlfc is ON at this point in time.
  12. Just been told that the team trained this morning and that as of now the match is definitely on!
  13. Can’t be difficult can it, I’m sure that we’re all perfectly happy with our employers discussing our contractual conversations on an open forum. Perhaps hatethejam will start by posting all his personal details, job offers, rates of pay and family life issues so that we can begin to make this forum as open as he would like!
  14. Old age is a terrible thing, fairly sure he scored two tries against amateur opposition though!
  15. I think his last game before coming to Town was a world club challenge which I think Wigan won. Would anyone turn down a player with that sort of CV? Maybe didn’t turn out as well as people hoped but in the same position would you not sign him again?
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