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  1. 31 minutes ago, Davo5 said:

    JJB sponsored Wigan long before Dave Whelan bought the club.

    Man City/PSG must really be struggling then.

    I don't know why you're taking it personally. It's obvious to anyone that Wigan's record of attracting and retaining sponsors in the past decade or so is really terrible. It may be coincidence but it merely mirrors other ways I perceive the club to be poorly run.

  2. 29 minutes ago, Big Picture said:

    He's not eh? 

    You constantly quote him, and his repeated sole argument is that Rugby League is a great failure because it is strong in all the wrong places.

    It's such a dumb take. Obviously many RL communities are working class, that's self explanatory. But perhaps if you or he explained why he didn't start to fix the problem by simply relocating St Helens to Surrey we'd start to unravel more of why just saying this over and over is neither some great insight nor much use. 

    Sport is cultural and historic. Expanding into any new territory in such a mature market is a very long-term, very expensive project which requires huge amounts of determination and commitment. It needs much more than the lazy observations of a failed RL administrator.

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  3. On 26/11/2021 at 16:02, M j M said:
    On 26/11/2021 at 15:56, WN83 said:

    Iqoniq  were on the shirts last season and at the time of announcing their sponsorship, it was said to be a ‘multi year’ deal. 

    We just like being extra slow on everything. 

    I hope Wigan got the cash up front.

    It's being reported Wigan are on the hunt for a new lead sponsor so I can only assume they didn't. 

    The history of shirt sponsors at Wigan is worth a book but the main takeaway is that none of them stick around for long.

  4. Leeds are away at Catalan that weekend.

    That game will probably/presumably clash with the main event Saturday evening but most Leeds fans will not have plans other than that so it should get a decent number of people heading down there for a look.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Man of Kent said:

    Bound to be a big crowd at Headingley, and with the home fans singing 'Marching On Together' etc and a good away support, it's sure to create a great first impression. 

    I think you've forgotten non-Leeds fans' obsession with "the drum".

  6. 28 minutes ago, Just Browny said:

    Warrington offered 500 coach places for a quid each. Those appear to have gone so they have offered another 500 places, again for a quid.

    Excellent, it looks like the clubs have all committed to make this a success whether it's their home game or not.

    (Although slightly dispiriting that we still seem to be rediscovering initiatives that were a success years ago (Cas, jungle.com, at the Valley) and being surprised that they work. )

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  7. 5 hours ago, Waynebennettswinger said:

    I seem to recall reading that he was on a 1 year deal at Leeds. If that is true, depending on what options there are, that could be very shrewd of Leeds given all you say.

    I certainly think pairing him with his old partner Sezer will bring the best out of him.

    It is a one year, very competitively-priced deal. He's playing for a contract either at Leeds or elsewhere; if he stays injury free I think he'll have a big year.

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  8. 5 hours ago, Eddie said:

    He’ll fit in well in Leigh then  


    Signing players who have been let go by other clubs due to being troublemakers just highlights some of the administrative failings we see time and time again at Leigh.

    But then again, I suspect the club's name is, for myriad reasons, somewhat tarnished nowadays which probably makes player agents steer their clients away unless they're desperate. 

  9. 1 St Helens

    2 Catalan

    3 Leeds

    4 Warrington

    5 Hull KR

    6 Wigan

    7 Hull FC

    8 Huddersfield

    9 Cas

    10 Wakefield

    11 Salford

    12 Toulouse


    I think Cas and Wakey and Salford will soon regret their choices of coach but Toulouse seem to have far too much going against them to realistically survive. St Helens and Catalan probably still up at/near the top whilst Leeds and Warrington are the other realistic challengers.

    Hull and Wigan look to be doing not very much at all just looking at the squads but maybe Wane's return will have some impact at Wigan - there won't be much in the way of exciting RL there though.

  10. 1 hour ago, Kirmonds pouch said:

    Why are Hudds an offender. Yes they will never fill the place or not often but I can't see why it's not fit for purpose. Half the NRL clubs don't fill their grounds very often.

    One of the criteria for licencing was whether the stadium was appropriately sized to the club. The John Smiths clearly isn't, the best possible use of Davy's money would be in creating a purpose- built Rugby League ground for the club.

  11. 1 hour ago, Kirmonds pouch said:

    Breathtaking arrogance and ignorance even by the low standards of this forum, as exemplified by the level of the 3 amigos who've loved your post.

    The last sentence is astonishingly stupid and shows you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how vaccines work. Being jabbed does not stop you from getting Covid or spreading it, the only protection it offers is to you. It's arrogant because you assume vaccination is the only correct option, well it isn't, it's a matter of choice and we are still a free country. I am triple jabbed by the way but that was my choice, I respect the choice of others all the same. This applies to Mr Carter, he cannot force anyone to have a jab and he doesn't have to in the UK, hence his business is not compromised. However it is when his team goes to France, yet the French teams have no such restrictions when operating in the UK, that is a fundamentally unfair advantage END OF.

    The current difference in UK policy to that of the French warps the level playing field that should exist in the sport. It clearly does in the same way it did when certain clubs took advantage of the Covid situation to cancel games last season. Anyone with a brain can see that.

    Have to laugh because if this were the other way around pro-French zealots like you would be screaming foul straight away, you are a total hypocrite.

    Carter is right and IMO both French clubs should be suspended until the situation is cleared and then play their games later in the season. That won't happen because of their holy cow status and the general delusional mentality amongst some fans as to what is and isn't right.

    Get a grip. I agree a bit with Carter's comments which I interpreted mostly as a concern about some teams later on in the year possibly not being as disadvantaged compared to clubs going to France earlier. (like Wakefield).

    But if these relatively minor difficulties arising because you like other clubs have a small band of moron players (even after getting of Ryan Hampshire) sends you into a tailspin like this then you need to man up.

    The French clubs have much bigger hurdles to overcome on a bi-weekly basis and if they have a rump of non vaccinated players then they really are screwed.

  12. 4 minutes ago, Forever Trinity said:

    He does not make any point that is not in line with your assumption, on that how do you propose he gets players vaccinated when they do not want to ? On another note I think you will find he has said that future contract negotiations and signings will have the vaccination status taken into account.

    Be interesting to see what the overall data is for the sport re vaccinations at each club, I would imagine it would be quite a surprise as to the numbers not jabbed up for covid.

    It's supposedly around 80% across the comp so Wakey's figures are bang in line with that.

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