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  1. You don't have to take every post as some sort of veiled criticism of Leigh.
  2. What on earth do games played behind closed doors during a pandemic have to do with the location of Challenge Cup semis played in front of actual spectators?
  3. Pilot was cool as a cucumber despite colliding with another aircraft -
  4. Wigan was never a joint venture with the RL club. At Hull and Huddersfield the soccer clubs have managed to end up with the upper hand (Hull obviously much worse for various reasons). I don't think there are huge issues with stadium shares outside Hull and Wigan and it really isn't the "state of the game" issue which you'd like to portray.
  5. 25k isn't it ? Don't think any of the available grounds would have more than 4k capacity for this apart from Wigan which hasn't been available for non Wigan games for a long time now. And Hull, which wasn't an option.
  6. This year and last aren't really relevant to this discussion but in normal times level of support can make a difference so aways holding the games on one team's doorstep isn't exactly equitable.
  7. In the 14 semis Leeds have played vs 'Lancashire' teams in my lifetime, 10 have been in Lancashire. And the four that were in Yorkshire (all at McAlpine/John Smiths) only came after Leeds complained there had been a run of nine in a row in Lancashire. So yes there's been a definite trend of playing them on the Lancashire side, for unclear reasons given Huddersfield is easily accessible and eminently suitable.
  8. The fixture list is almost impossible to change - both Sky and BBC have built their schedules around Challenge Cup rounds and they are the game's primary sponsors.
  9. Whatever we think of Matt Parrish it's hard to think anything other than these three - who have zero coaching credibility - as being seriously dickish in trying to publicly get him sacked so they can apply their doubtful talents to the matter.
  10. Here's that traitor Dean Bell with the Championship Trophy. And Albert Goldthorpe (bottom right)
  11. It definitely is. Used to be as recognisable as the Challenge Cup.
  12. Why did the game shoot itself in the foot by signing this £40m per year tv deal? WHY?
  13. In terms of actual practicalities, this is the blurb Leeds sent out when allocating tickets to members: MATCHDAY · Turnstiles will open 90 minutes prior to kick and your ticket will state your allocated arrival time slot which must be adhered to. · If you hold a seated membership, you will not be issued with your usual seat. You will be allocated a position that allows for social distancing. · We will aim to ensure that the position you are allocated is as close to your normal position as possible e.g. if you have a standing membership, you will be
  14. One of the world's largest train builders now.
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