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  1. This sounds like you were on board the Norrona which was on charter to B&I Line in 1990 - http://www.doverferryphotosforums.co.uk/new-mv-norrona-past-and-present/ I'm not afraid to out myself on this thread; I sail on, write about and collect anything and everything to do with passenger shipping (car ferries and passenger steamers (not really cruise ships)). The Norrona is now a missionary ship, the Logos Hope. I had the doubtful pleasure of visiting her in Kiel towards the end of the conversion from car ferry in February 2008; the Christian charity operating the ship had stripped out a rather funky 1970s interior with cosy bars, restaurants and saloons and replaced it with all over wipe-down white formica bulkheads, tables and chairs. I've never seen one of my best friends, who wrote a big coffee table book about the people who originally designed the ship and many others of the era, look quite so downcast as he was during that tour at what they'd done to one of his favourite ships.
  2. That's genuinely the worst argument for not doing something, ever.
  3. The St Helens club appears to be coming off the rails a bit over the past few months. They've a lot more to not like the sight of Tony Smith for than these comments.
  4. Just for completeness, Smith, of course, has better coaching credentials than anyone else in the league. It's that credibility that makes people in the game listen when he speaks.
  5. When was the last time the capacity was an issue? I can't recall any sell out crowds for a while and the capacity is somewhat below 11,000 now.
  6. No change at Leeds, ISC and Leeds Building Society remain for the 13th year.
  7. I agree with Smith. The Saints teams that played London are the twenty times the scandal that Robert Hicks cup final refereeing was. It's unthinkable if that had caused someone else to go down, with the consequences that involves. We need to put rules back in place about weakened teams.
  8. 14,085 there tonight. Largest or second largest of the season.
  9. Warrington losing the plot a bit ever since Lineham attempted a slide to the line in the famous Briscoe Corner (scene of Tom's worst moment vs Catalan in the 2014 play offs). Briscoe junior on the Leeds wing did little more than watch as Lineham gracefully beached himself a metre short and, rather than a try, now has some serious grass burns to celebrate.
  10. Decent crowd in tonight which is a bit strange given there must have been a temptation to watch the relegation car crash on tv. Half time and the scoreline is Leeds 8-0 Warrington, just like the number of Super League titles.
  11. I'd be delighted if Salford win the championship this year. There's too much strategising and self-analysing in Rugby League and sometimes we need to remember what it is we're all here for: the unpredictably and excitement of sport. A new and totally unexpected winner of the title would hopefully give us a brief reminder of that. And I'll definitely get tickets in the Salford end to watch them, and to see Lolohea win the Harry Sunderland
  12. I'm interested in what they're comparing to... they say " a 27 per cent increase in average audience in August compared with the corresponding stages of last season’s Super 8s." The Super 8s had those Saturday afternoon Middle 8 games in addition to the Thursday and Friday games. No idea how they rated relatively but are they included or excluded.
  13. Yes the only reason Ablett hasn't played is injury.
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