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  1. What kind of anniversary is the 130th of anything anyway? Did we forget five years ago and are catching up now?
  2. The club is all over the place with its year of establishment. I thought they'd stopped using 1895 and had settled on 1870, but now this brings it back again. Here's a current range t-shirt with the other date on it.
  3. If anyone can find a video clip of a (proper) field goal/speculator being scored I'd love to see it. All I can offer is a like, but it will be an enthusiastic one.
  4. Maybe it would allow us to do the clampdown which we've always wanted - but instead of the game being blighted by lots of penalties it will very quickly become a very dangerous thing to be a team which likes to interfere at the ruck.
  5. Loathe as I am to just import changes from the NRL, if this proves consistently effective in the NRL at tidying up the mess at the ruck area, and we have a couple of months to judge it, is there not a good argument to utilise it in the UK competitions after the restart?
  6. How old do you have to be to end up the Father of the House of Lords!
  7. It was abolished in 1950. The deviant Australians, who had no right to change the laws of the game, abolished it under some sort of local change to the sport's rules 1922. Worse still, they for some reason managed to start using the term 'field goal' for the completely different drop goal which is why there is some confusion now about what the field goal actually was.
  8. NFL is one of Rugby League's closer cousins. I always find it perplexing that some people claim to dislike it but can't properly explain why.
  9. I think it was on the Rugby League Digest where they observed, after all Arko had done for the club, all he got was a grotty corner named after him.
  10. That would be utterly lethal to those clubs, especially if some of the existing clubs, e.g. Leeds, are taken into the new league. The amount of time and money invested in all of those is incredible, and again none of them apart from Toronto were sports which were effectively unknown in their markets. AFL's growth has taken decades and decades and tens of millions of dollars and again wasn't an unknown sport as such. That's probably the best template to follow but RL is starting from a much weaker point than any of those. The key thing with Argyle is that he is a Rugby League nut. You simply won't find another ten of him. You probably won't find another one of him - any rich Rugby League nuts will most likely want to put their money into their team, not a new franchise. It comes back, again, to identity and authenticity. I think we could expand, like the AFL, with a couple of teams which got massive central backing and an ultra long-term commitment to supporting them and helping them grow their grass roots. Destroying what we have to create a new league with almost all new teams would be a disaster and completely financially unviable.
  11. What inspires fans is identity with the team they support and the sense that what they are watching is grounded in some sort of authenticity. Both of those take a long time to establish and inserting a new sport in a new league in new cities with new teams misses out on both of them. I can't think of any such sport which has been successfully astroturfed in this way - perhaps you could argue soccer in the USA and you'd try and make a case for NFL in the UK. But they are hardly valid comparisons.
  12. OK, well being brutally honest that's not a very realistic scenario.
  13. Toronto have found that broadcaster and sponsor engagement (and money) follows, at some considerable lag, fan engagement. Toronto have done a great job with the fans, almost unprecedented. But the money from other sources has yet to emerge. The reality is that unless we find half a dozen David Argyles we will struggle to find institutional investors who would look at this as a proposal that has legs.
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