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  1. A note of resistance from someone with a bit of experience in dealing with people who make statements like Trump's.
  2. It always amazes me that Leeds produce merchandise which looks nothing like it should. Is this thing frothing at the mouth because it's just tried our sponsors' product?
  3. I genuinely have no idea what "such comments" you mean. I do have you on ignore as I think you're a troll so don't see too much of what you post; but the few things I do see tend to be about Asian men and grooming gangs, hence my doubtfulness about you claiming "not to see" colour or race. But again "I don't see it" and "I do see it" are not in my view perjorative either way which is what you appear to be projecting in your little rant. Race is a part of people's identity, it's not generally (but obviously can be) invisible. But seeing it or knowing it is utterly different from judging based on it or harrassing based on it or leading mobs based on it.
  4. Ironically enough you seem to assume that I consider seeing colour as a negative. When in reality it's just a thing.
  5. Great. But nothing I've seen from what I see of your postings on here to suggest you don't see race or colour - other than your very recent colourblindness on this thread.
  6. You don't half spout some **** at times. I adore America, I love its values, its diversity, its optimism and its politics. I hate racists, I hate liars, I hate people who who have inherent power but use that power to make the lives of the powerless less happy or more fearful. I thoroughly dislike the current President of the United States. I also don't have much time for disingenuous internet forum chancers who wilfully or otherwise refuse to separate cheerleading for a political leader from patriotism.
  7. In an unexpected twist, Trump has disowned the "send her back" chants before his defenders on here have.
  8. You may do (doubtful) but it's pretty clear Trump doesn't.
  9. Cool. Can you supply us with a list of white American citizens who have criticised him that Trump has told to "go home" to a country of their ancestors? Because, as you say, he is blind to colour when it comes to lashing out at people so there must be some out there. Also, while I'm here, can you also substantiate your previous claim that Trump is improving his popularity with African Americans. This was thoroughly debunked at the time Trump and his mininformation machine claimed it.
  10. Can we go at least a day without you trying to claim the mantle of victim on this forum?
  11. A white mob following the President of the United States in chanting "send her back" about a Somali refugee citizen of the United States. Trump is going out there searching for whether his apologists actually do have a line in the sand anywhere. Imagine how profoundly chilling that video is for anyone of colour or any immigrant citizen or anyone who is a minority of any kind.
  12. Why oh why do you keep bringing race into this? Always defining people by their colour, neither Trump nor the crowd mentioned anything about it.
  13. The document you can download on the following link shows over the past ten years Sport England funding of: £58.8m where RL is the 'Main Sport' in an award £212.1m where RL is a named sport supporting an award. https://www.sportengland.org/funding/what-have-we-funded/
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