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  1. I dunno, I enjoy a bit of Rugby League ignorance matched with self-pitying paranoia and far right nationalism. It's a heady brew.
  2. One game is about right. Jut took a look at Q-vee and, guess what, this is proof of a game wide anti-St Helens conspiracy.
  3. Come on they were major developments granted specifically with the intent of getting new stadia for the local sports teams. That was known throughout the process.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but the councils in each case gave planning permission for enabling developments which funded the stadia.
  5. Can you name a Super League club who has updated their facilities without the support of their local council?
  6. Anyone know why the dates for the two games on first round of the play offs got flipped? It had been confirmed as 3 vs 6 on Thursday with 4 vs 5 on Friday but they've changed them round, I think after at least one of the clubs confirmed ticket details.
  7. For decades it was union journalists who told us Rugby League would be dead in ten years. Now it's internet trolls and self-hating supposed RL fans. I think I preferred the old days, at least the agenda was transparent.
  8. Hearing the radio commentary on that is interesting, not seen that before. Still I think it's better with Ray Warren.
  9. Yes the last couple of decades have had some amazing, legendary moments. It would take someone really desperate to pretend otherwise. The Burrow and Hall tries stand out for me but I'm incurably biased.
  10. I'm away so didn't see the game and only just seen the highlights. Looks like a professional win by Leeds. Did Sky explain if the state of the pitch was due to regular work done to it or the effects of the boxing event?
  11. The pre match at Headingley today appears to involve a parade of RFL officials.
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