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  1. You think he would have told a white congressman to "go" home? Can you supply any other reasons Trump might have thought three of the four weren't born in the USA when they actually were?
  2. This post vaguely reminds me of Wigan fans defending Ben Flower because Lance Hohaia brushed past him at the kick off: something ordinary cynically or blindly being used as justification for something outrageous. Justifying his comments because the Congresswomen have criticised him is utterly disingenuous. He can, and has, criticised their politics in reply aplenty. In this scenario he is questioning their patriotism and their right to be Americans because of the colour of their skin and the ancestry of their parents. if you can't see what's different about that I think you've lost the ability to analyse independently and critically. Or are just trolling.
  3. Did you really just distill the President of the United States calling on American citizens of immigrant backgrounds to "go back home" down to "it's just politics"?
  4. I think you've spectacularly missed the point of the post you're quoting. But your "ends justify the means" argument is duly noted. And Mussolini by repute got the trains running on time. Also, FWIW, I think your assessment of the "opinions" of posters on here as to Trump's election chances are also out of kilter. Anyway, here comes Martyn with no doubt a full-throated condemnation of Trump's divisive rhetoric.
  5. It's Liam Fox How far right do you have to be nowadays to pass your purity test!?!
  6. I'd hate for you to take a close look at how GB won the RLWC in 1972
  7. We're planning on breaking WTO rules as soon as we go onto them? Brave, but at some stage the rest of the world will realise that they need us more than we need them and will back down.
  8. This article looks even more preposterous in retrospect than it did when first posted. It would have been commercial suicide to try and schedule top flight games this afternoon.
  9. Ah, a far right talking point that doesn't stand up to any scrutiny but which gives anti-democratic extremists a fig leaf to hide behind.
  10. It's almost as though an incoherent justification is being built after the event to try and prop up an irrational obsession ain't it.
  11. It's almost Putin-esque the willingness of some so-called patriotic so-called conservatives to push the agenda of foreign powers over Britain's interests.
  12. For some reason the western terrace bars weren't open on Friday - not sure if that's going to be the plan going forward but I can't see any reason why they would make that change.
  13. What difference does the industry make? It's not laziness that means our lamb exports go to France, it's supply, demand, ease of export and geographical proximity. That's how markets work, that's something the Conservatives that I used to vote for understood, not batshit crazy rubbish about exporters being "lazy" because they supply most to the nearest, most frictionless market to export to.
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