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  1. I like the brief addition of a laugh track when they sing "when they hear the Wigan roar" after about 25 seconds
  2. Salford fans will be familiar with this but this is what the stadium was going to look like in its original Red City Developments concept -
  3. It's the Nine one, I presume there will be a separate NRL one. But putting the recycling of Miss NSWRL 1988 to one side, I think it gets across a much better, clearer and more accessible message than the SL one.
  4. Average. I'm not a fan of the players reading scripted slogans - it all too often comes off as stilted and inauthentic. I'd rather the focus was on the emotion, the fans and above all the action like the new Nine/NRL one:
  5. Although sales for the Headingley double header look good (as they should given a Leeds-Hull opening fixture should get 15,000+ even without SBW and Cas fans being there) the Wigan-Warrington sales look sparse and there looks to be plenty of availability at Saints-Salford.
  6. By John Smith, most famous for The Girl Chewing Gum:
  7. It was almost certainly a pretty nice place to live when they first moved there. I remember going a couple of times to pick up Premiership Final tickets at the ticket office there in the early '90s. It was quite convenient for us north Loiners - and was quite a charming mansion underneath - but it was an utterly incongruent place for the game's HQ to be. It really deserves a blue plaque given the sort of stuff which must have happened there (Headingley has two RL ones which seems overkill). It's now been converted into flats, and the extension which I presume housed the ticket office has been demolished - https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-66873147.html Part of the deal with the council saw it become council offices but they never changed the shutters so, right to the end, the 13 logo remained on display - (image from Twitter)
  8. Not sure the money was there - Leeds City Council backed and facilitated the move to Red Hall AFAIK and if the George was still being used as a hotel in any event there would have been nowhere to move to.
  9. Does/did the Bein deal include rights to show the other televised Super League games or is it just the right to screen Catalan home games?
  10. His suggestion that the appointment of the Great Britain coach should be run past the Super League club bosses is ridiculous. Whether you're a critic or not of the RFL, can you imagine the consequences of adding to the decision-making process a roomful of people with vested interests who regularly display managerial incompetence.
  11. There was a great rumour that when Saints signed Phil Adamson they had been watching videos of his brother Matt.
  12. This is an amazingly small figure. If Buzz Rothfield is to be believed the likes of Todd Greenberg probably spend that on expenses in a year. We could change the face of the game for a tiny amount of money.
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