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  1. People who are really certain about something based on zero knowledge or experience are always amusing.
  2. Nothing was "broadcast" on the PA system apart from regular spoken announcements. All the sounds you heard were added by Sky for tv viewers only, louder for the designated home team but when appropriate the away team got relevant noise. We heard the Cowbell and we heard Oh When the Saints. Don't remember hearing anything Catalan specific but given how the game went there weren't really many appropriate moments for them to be heard.
  3. Interesting take indeed. Wigan have been losing money for years so it's hard to say it's temporary, and Lenagan's comments suggest it's not particularly by choice either.
  4. Behind the scenes. I'm amazed they paid Pete Nuttall to do his normal job on the PA with barely anyone in the stadium.
  5. They absolutely have to - they haven't provided the service which was paid for. What form it takes and how easy it is to get at is the question, and in this case Hull FC seem to have made it more difficult than any of the other clubs who have so far announced details.
  6. The Hull FC one is interesting - two options, neither of which involve refunds...? Which seems to me to be dubious from a legal point of view. https://www.hullfc.com/blog/2020/07/30/loyal-proud-membership-rebate-options/
  7. Thought about Bostik and his unfortunate funny-accented brethren when out on my Sunday walk the morning after Yorkshire Day.
  8. Wilford Brimley. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/wilford-brimley-death-age-cause-cocoon-quaker-oats-news-a9649986.html
  9. Should have been a Leeds try. Instead Hicks gets the call wrong, sin bins a Leeds player and Huddersfield score where the Leeds defender would have been. Classic Hicks.
  10. I don't think it's a knee jerk post, I think it's a post with someone with an agenda. Leeds don't look out of condition to me, they just look disjointed.
  11. Was amazed to read earlier that they've not offerred anything to their fans yet. Are they the only SL club not to have put options forward?
  12. Flipped channels for a minute to watch the start of the SL coverage, flipped back again and all hell was breaking loose! Crazy end to the race but with Bottas being hit so badly it leaves Hamilton in a dauntingly commanding position.
  13. Just googled Lancashire animal poisoning. Not a happy tale. Fortunately Yorkshire gave you Rugby League - and its founding here has been eating away at you bitters ever since.
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