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  1. What happens if England get thrashed 3-0 next autumn? Do we ditch that "concept" as a failure? Judging whether something important is worth doing based solely on the results on the pitch is the most Rugby League thing ever.
  2. As a former constituent I'm a fan of Mulholland but I'm not sure this is appropriate. I believe he's still on the board of the Rhinos Foundation so I wonder to what degree he is continuing a bit of his role of being, quite actively, the club's political representative...
  3. I think it's a bound-to-be unsuccessful attempt to quickly get to the cross code forum.
  4. Grown ups are able to do two things at once. And the idea that anyone is in the RL club owning game to enrich themselves is somewhat laughable.
  5. Given that I utterly loathed that 2006 Leeds shirt and feel its utter wretchedness brought upon us a terrible season this could explain why I don't like that Wire kit. Although it's not as bad as the 2006 Leeds abomination and at least Warrington have a history of Vs; but it's certainly unpleasant to my eye.
  6. What's the relevance of the Leeds logo on the sleeves out of interest?
  7. For various reasons Leeds fans made you into a bit of a scapegoat over the past couple of years. Did that get through to you and, if so, how hard is it to deal with when you sense some of your club's fans aren't fully behind you? How open were Leeds with their negotiations with you prior to your leaving? It looked like they were leaving you hanging on whilst they looked at alternatives/saw what was happening with Trent Merrin.
  8. Churchill was MP for Oldham shortly after the split from RU, a time when Oldham was a rugby town. So I'm sure he went out and sought the Roughyed vote.
  9. This is no different to most SL clubs though. And the debt doesn't have to be repaid; like at Wigan and London and Huddersfield in most cases it will probably just end up being written off by the club owner.
  10. Wouldn't he be salary cap exempt, at least for a while? He played RL up to academy level and it seems money is limitless on the playing budget at Headingley nowadays so it's plausible, if he was genuinely interested.
  11. Making a refereeing mistake is not wrongdoing. Unjustifiably accusing a referee of systematic or deliberate bias, or worse, is wrongdoing. Saints fans have been quite pathetic throughout this whole episode and it's really painted them in a rather sad light. They seem unable to accept how poor their team was and how that combined with a solid Warrington performance were the sole reasons for their cup final defeat.
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