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  1. What are you doing quoting a Serious about RL article? It's just complete BS.
  2. Wasn't the focus on Robin Park partly because the club couldn't generate revenues at the stadium itself under the previous set up? Hopefully those other issues are going away now and Wigan can finally start to have non-sporting revenue streams similar to the other big clubs.
  3. Not sure about that new logo Brisbane are using but nice classic Broncos shirt.
  4. Yes a new version was installed when the pitch was last redone. It gets used regularly enough including for out of season/non Leeds games.
  5. Are they deliberately backloading some of our marquee games - Wigan/Leeds, Warrington/Saints to ensure they are spread through the season and to try and give the season a narrative that builds? Not sure how hard or easy such a thing is when you don't know how good those teams are going to turn out to be but it's worth a go.
  6. Well I watched the new episode. It was good, had great pace and a solid storyline. Even the Lesson of the Week was done more subtly than the last series although I'm sure the quick-to-fury anti-woke types constantly looking for offence will find lots to hate. Negatives: Catherine Tate still can't act, I just fast forwarded when it looked like she was going to give a speech of any length. And the sonic screwdriver conjuring up forcefield shieldy things was yet another to for that device's catalogue of convenient BS. I wish he'd lose the damned thing for a series. That new Tardis interior at the end though was possibly my favourite bit. Literally decades we've had some weird ugly thing with preposterous manual dials and knobs, the sort of thing which encouraged Matt Smith to do his annoying stuff. This has a bit of that on the console but the rest is like a supersized version of the Tardis of my youth and I loved it
  7. This is similar to me (except Peter Davison is my doctor). It was the back end of the Tennant era when I started to stop watching as regularly. Whilst I didn't mind Tennant that much I found Catherine Tate virtually unwatchable (for some reason, maybe it's just me, this doesn't appear to be the wider consensus view of her performances). Matt Smith's approach to the role did nothing to drag me back in. I resumed watching when Capaldi took over and rated his version and his acting very highly. And I had no objections to Jodie Whittaker at all - except for the weakness of a lot of the scripts, concepts and story arcs. Happy to give Tennant a go in these specials but I hope Tate doesn't prove too much of a distraction.
  8. Were clubs more or less endebted and reliant on the support of rich owners then or now? Edit: not that I'm saying the SL switch was the wrong thing to do but the way we did it caused impacts which we are still reckoning with.
  9. Yes recently they've gone off the rails. Although I agree with them that IMG's spreadsheet plan is madness and dangerous for the game's future. But Keighley are the standout case to me of how the Super League era allowed clubs and Rugby League towns on the outside looking in to slip away from the sport.
  10. SL was just the old Stones Bitter Championship as far as all heartland teams were concerned. Except for those who had earned the right to be in the league under the rules but were denied entry when the rules were changed a month before the end of the season. I know lots of people on here inexplicably can't conceal their contempt for our sport's clubs in smaller towns, those places which kept the game alive for the past 125+ years. But the Keighley story in particular was an inspiring one, a great narrative of how a little club could reinvent itself, get fans in and earn themselves success on and off the field. It's facile to pretend what happened with Keighley could simply have been forgotten by the fans or management. It was a devastating blow which severed the bonds of faith in the sport for many of their fans. The Cougars were the poster boys for the disruption of the relationship between Rugby League and countless smaller towns where we as a sport have wilfully been in retreat since the mid-1990s.
  11. Thanks, without looking I assumed it was similar to the specific rules of many halls of fame that a player had to be retired for five years before entering. This is the policy at the main RFL one and others e.g. the NSWRL one. At Leeds it's the reason Danny McGuire isn't in there - the exception they made was to induct Rob Burrow early.
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