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  1. Humour has its place. But not when reckless imbeciles are attempting to destroy our country.
  2. I'll take that as confirmation there's no conflict between the two.
  3. Are you saying there's a conflict between the two or is this a red herring?
  4. But why would someone on conservativehome want to mislead its readers?
  5. Hesitant in some decision making, began reacting to the crowd (eventually). Got some decisions clearly wrong for both sides. I felt a bit sorry for him to be honest. Leeds vs Hull in the current circumstances is a very big game to chuck a kid with not much top flight experience into.
  6. Leeds for all the changes still lack quality and the defensive edge seen a couple of weeks ago has dropped off. Hull much more fluent in attack and the better team for most of the game so deserved winners.
  7. Leeds lose by 2 points for the fourth time this season. Referee Griffiths it's fair to say not quite ready for a game as big as this.
  8. Briscoe in again! Martin break. Dwyer long pass to Newman to Briscoe. Conversion from out wide is outstanding by Martin. 24-20.
  9. Turns out this stadium can generate noise after all.
  10. HANDLEY goes 95m, intercepting after being left with a 2 on 1 on the Leeds line by his defensively suspect centre partner. Under the posts, converted. 18-20 with 17 left
  11. A bit of class at last. Walker bedazzles the Hull defence and picks out Briscoe. Martin kicks into the wind from the northwest corner. 12-20.
  12. Sneyd goals from a high tackle penalty. Merrin engages in some whataboutism with referee Griffiths over the unpenalised decapitation of the Jack Walker in the first half to no avail. 6-20 with 26 to go.
  13. Went for a half time walk. Here's the view from the sunny end.
  14. Shaul in as Hull become the latest team to ghost through the Newman gap. 6-18, conversion in/off.
  15. Hurrell in at the north east corner. Trailing leg looked like it had a chance of being in touch but was given as ok. Martin kicks from the sideline. 6-12.
  16. Most protests are, of course, peaceful. Iraq war protest and the anti-Brexit ones are the biggest I imagine this century. Only fanatics would be afraid of peaceful protest.
  17. Not sure if this belongs here but... if Brexit happens and is followed quite quickly by Scottish independence, has anyone looked into how to get Scottish citizenship? I'd actually happily live and work there as it's likely to end up very prosperous when they rejoin the EU but is still commutable to Leeds and Rugbyleagueland. But my ancestral Scot element is only about 1/16th so I don't have any direct claim.
  18. Can I recommend that you don't be such a drama queen? Brexiteers (and I know you claim not to be one) love painting themselves into this corner where they are the poor put-upon victim being bullied by Europeans. Don't join that group of easily-offended little darlings.
  19. Their recent experience of international diplomacy not a good one though. Iran is a probem, but one which had in part been neutered, on the nuclear front at least. Now Trump is talking about a new deal, which we know would be similar but probably worse than the Obama one.
  20. I'm impressed with how credible you find this expert. Is this a change of tack?
  21. I did. It incorrectly attributes the source of the legislation and its core argument appears to be that, regardless, we have made food too safe.
  22. Which businesses do you think shouldn't have "the same laws" applied to them as others? Surprised to see you suggest what we might want to call "the Wigan defence". I have the horrible feeling that those weasel words "common sense" will appear somewhere.
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