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  1. I like the SMH generally but as soon as there is something in there about NRL TV deals you know it's just them speaking to an agenda which suits their corporate masters. Likewise the Telegraph.
  2. This from a fan of the club who publicly soiled their pants after one marginal call two minutes into a cup final
  3. Injury hasn't entirely been his problem. If his mind as well as his body is in shape he'll do very well. But that's the risk - his problems in the NRL stemmed from being away from home so what does moving to Leeds do to him?
  4. Agar and the club have been pretty clear they view Sutcliffe as a first choice centre. Hopefully he'll finally get a clear run at it without being dragged around the team as I think he's potentially top class in that position. Briscoe isn't the answer there in my view although Fusitu’a may get a run out there. Either way the strength in depth Leeds are assembling is pretty impressive and there are going to be some international standard players outside the 17 - if everyone by some miracle is fit.
  5. He's a player who comes with a big cloud of injury and other baggage but, with the Warriors paying a healthy chunk of his salary, he's worth a punt and hopefully Leeds can get him up and running and playing again. It goes without saying that the hyperbole from the OP is misplaced.
  6. Yeah there's the difficulty of inertia vs morals and I for one failed on that
  7. Here's a list of things I don't use on Rugby League's behalf: Zurich insurance Heineken I specifically didn't renew my insurance with Aviva a few years ago Unfortunately I've never been able to wean myself off using O2 or banking with HBOS (but it is Halifax who still get Centenary World Cup credibility) even though I know my money funds or has funded their terrible activities. A comprehensive list of ethical Rugby League companies (a good list and a bad list) would be very useful IMO.
  8. Presumably the DW is getting to the stage where it will need some serious money spending on it so it makes sense that Wigan will be expected to pay a higher rent notwithstanding their declining attendances. Pouring even more money into the pockets of a hostile landlord doesn't make much sense to me. The wealth which apparently lies behind the Wigan club means they should be making it a top priority, if at all possible, to find their own purpose-built home in Wigan with a capacity of say 20k.
  9. I did this (they were competitive on price so it wasn't a great burden). I'm still with Shell Energy, just waiting for that next RL sponsorship to lure me into switching to someone else.
  10. Bernard Ingham. If you're in need of a smile just imagine how angry this reactionary old fool must get at the changed culture of his home town of Hebden Bridge.
  11. 2008 World Cup final. Video ref none other than the current head of RFL referees. Much less clear cut than Saturday's example.
  12. If you haven't seen the levels of on-ground interference and lying on over the past decade then I worry you might be watching a different sport to the rest of us.
  13. Where on earth has this ludicrous concept that we need to split the illegal tackle into a legal bit and an illegal bit come from?
  14. Same with Wakefield, now. Which is presumably why they are starting to be in a position to make genuine improvements to the place.
  15. No it means referee-sanctioned interference, grinding the opposition into the ground, looking up at the referee for clearance to stop laying on, plus the legacy of the chicken wings and cannonballs which appeared over here in about 2010.
  16. The biggest single issue affecting the sport and its attractiveness is the wrestle and interpretation of the ruck. Nothing on that here, perhaps it's not a rule change as such. But let's hope there's something done about how it is refereed before the start of next year.
  17. This is ultimately what this entire thread boils down to. It's conjured up snowflakery of the worst kind, intended to bend reality and somehow make the poster the victim.
  18. Those would be my four candidates although Hudgell isn't really the voice of HKR any more. Davey might think it but wouldn't say it (probably). Lenagan who knows, the state of his club he might be reliant on those fans.
  19. A quick look indicates there isn't anyone of substance behind this, a small-time North East businessman and some people who seem to be putting their names to this whilst continuing to do their jobs (also in the North East). FWIW the Managing Director has been promoting this concept since at least 2018, previously as UKAFL - https://web.archive.org/web/20190603204557/http://ukafl.com/
  20. Why is there this assumption that it's Wakey and Carter who made these comments? I'd have thought there are other candidates for this sort of tripe from clubs that are less well run that Wakefield.
  21. Totally. Follow the real journalists and their little battles for exclusives, but nobody should be following, least of all taking anything from, those accounts.
  22. This is BS to be honest. Has anyone heard from Adam Pearson while we're here? I wonder if he has Heppenstall on speed dial.
  23. I imagine once you get past the three Toronto-supportive clubs the remaining eight English clubs may well be more reluctant.
  24. To be clear you won't find this sort of article in the Yorkshire Evening Post.
  25. I don't think the anyone associated with the St Helens club is in a position to criticise anyone else for over-reactions to refereeing decisions.
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