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  1. 13 minutes ago, Damien said:

     Did those coaches conceed 40 points in their first game? That would be more relevant.

    In answer to this point Sinfield's team conceded 40 whilst Powell's conceded 36. Agar lost to a team in the division below.

    So evidence of a bounce back of any form is limited. When David Ward took over they lost relatively narrowly - but then again Mal Reilly didn't really leave for performance issues.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Damien said:

    I talked about performance, I'm not sure why you are trying to twist this to win or why such a general point is being made Leeds specific. Did those coaches conceed 40 points in their first game? That would be more relevant.

    I'm not sure my statement of fact can be considered to be twisting anything.

    I'm not sure what my reply @Chrispmartha has to do with you anyway.

  3. 57 minutes ago, Tommygilf said:

    Can only sell what's going on there, and what is going on there is Rugby League. A village sport which is attracting village crowds.

    Jeez give it a rest will you.

    Banging on about how ###### you think Rugby League is or how you don't care for what have been some of the sport's essential characteristics since forever is tedious at the best of times.

    Deciding to bang on about them here, coincidental to Leeds wetting their pants again on national tv, just gives the impression that the two might be for some reason connected.

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  4. Just now, Chrispmartha said:

    There isn’t always a positive effect in the very next game as it obviously disrupts preparation.


    Leeds have very rarely had a ‘bounce back’ straight away its a myth

    I can't think of a time when we've sacked a coach mid season and gone on to win the next game.

    Reilly to Ward - no.

    Lance to Powell - no. 

    McDermott to Sinfield - no.

    Furner to Agar - no.

    Agar to Jones-Buchanan - no.

    So I think we're looking back at the Fox to Bamford transition in 86/87 for the last time they won after sacking the coach.

    Not that this proves anything mind and it would have been very nice to break that record yesterday.

  5. Here's that Jones-Buchanan post match press conference in full.

    I suspect reactions to this could be polarised.

    There may be those who find it honest and perhaps slightly inspiring.

    And then there will be those who see nothing but a sea of rambling, pseudo-intellectual bullsh1t interspersed with a series of increasingly maddening references to how things were done when he was a player.

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  6. On 25/03/2022 at 17:25, Stirlin said:

    JJB has had a look at the fusebox so I will go with your Rhinos win of 32  -  12.

    What he actually said was, "I’ve gone in there and noticed that some of the fuses in the fusebox are not quite firing right. 

    You open it up and there are little fuses, it’s not a hard problem to fix but we’re going to have to methodically go through and pay attention to every little constituent part, get all the rides firing up and get rid of all the glitches."


    I think perhaps we have inadvertently employed an electrician to deal with a plumbing problem.

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  7. On 25/03/2022 at 00:28, yipyee said:

    I hope we don't end up with another hull situation in that Hull fc were competing at the top end of SL and then kr got promoted and we now have 2 middle run SL clubs, probably due to market saturation for fans and players. This is always dressed up as a positive though due to the 2 Derby games.

    I'm not from Hull but I'm willing to bet that absolutely isn't how the Hull sporting market works. 

    Like so many before who strategise mergers and shuffle around phantom clubs to play in new cities in front of phantom fans you are trying to overlay a rational consumer model onto a very mature sporting market. And fundamentally fail, as all these things do, to understand what really motivates the consumer of sports - it isn't like choosing which of two supermarkets you go to and if a new one opens the existing one loses half its customers. That's ridiculous.

    In short - Hull FC being chronically bad for a long time isn't due to Hull KR being promoted.

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  8. 30 minutes ago, gingerjon said:

    As long as you don't come along later asking for consistency.

    Or complain that an offence got a lenient on-field punishment.

    Totally agree with this - discretion by definition is the enemy of consistency.

    The main things we should be focussing on aren't the big and obvious ones like Bentley etc. It's the marginal stuff where in my view they have lost their way - and that was always going to be the case given the way the thing has been implemented and communicated.

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  9. 4 hours ago, Chrispmartha said:

    So Leeds, well, Oxen released 5 - yes 5 retro shirts today - so that is now 8 shirts they've released this year, and the retro shirts look absolutely horrendously cheap, like those knock off football shirts you see in cheap souvenir shops.




    Firstly the top two. They look horrendous without the Carling Black Label logo in the centre. They just look incomplete, which they are - I don't know why  you'd want to wear something like that.

    And the red shirt is not the away kit from that year as Oxen describe it. That was white, I had one. This red thing is the third kit which I think only got a run out at Thrum Hall when apparently both our home and away clashed.

    The rest are ok in terms of look if not quality or concept  although the 94-95 one does look slightly off. 

    And yes that's the 94-95 kit. Tetley's, your name is on it despite you continually putting 'proud sponsors since 1995' on your stadium advertising. Your deal actually started the previous year.

    (Pedantic, me?)

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  10. 1 hour ago, The Future is League said:

    With Michael Maguire on the verge of being dismissed by West Tigers i wonder if Leeds could be interested?

    Not sure you'd ever want a coach to jump from being sacked at one job to another one straight away without some downtime to reflect and de-stress, and I guess Maguire is smart enough to know that even if he was interested.

    As for whether he'd be a good coach in SL now. Well the plague of his tactics still to some degree infects the British game so perhaps he would be a good candidate. The sport is trying to emerge from the dismal legacy of that era though so on the other hand perhaps not. 

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  11. 2 minutes ago, LeeF said:

    So the coaches have admitted that they can’t coach their players to play within the laws of the game so have insisted that the Match Officials stop fully enforcing the laws. Brilliant 

    There were some decisions that even the most pro-clampdown advocate, and I largely include myself in that group, could justify. We have to find the right answer and at the moment they definitely haven't. 

    In getting at the genuinely late and high or dangerous tackles we've somehow swept up all sorts of frankly trivial stuff into cards and bans. That was never the intent and the fact that it's been implemented that way reflects a catastrophic failure somewhere at the RFL. 

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  12. Jesus how amateurish this whole thing is. It smacks of bad leadership from top to bottom of the disciplinary/referee dept at the RFL.

    Why wasn't everyone involved like this before the season started? 

    Why was it so seemingly last minute and badly communicated?

    How can a radical reassessment like this possibly be spun as anything other than that the existing approach was wrong or a failure?

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  13. Jeez @JohnM appears to be confusing the long-term successful running of a Rugby League business with the inevitable ups and downs of the Rugby League team those businesses operate. 

    Imagine if both happened at the same time - like huge financial losses year after year AND having say Adrian Lam coach your side to abject performance after abject performance. Then there really would need to be some soul searching.

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