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  1. 8 hours ago, The Rocket said:

    This just came in as well.

    North Queensland have announced a profit of 15.974m for 2021 (including building grant of 8.7m). Revenue rose 159% to 65.408m for 2021. Sponsorship rose 39% to 8.98m, while gate takings rose 181% tto 8.96m https://cowboysleagues.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/AnnualReport-2021-DL.pdf

    I don't agree with the way building grants ($8.7m of their profit) are accounted for in those accounts - although no doubt it agrees to whatever accounting standards they're using nowadays. It really misleads people who quote profit figures.

    Conventional UK GAAP would have accounted for this income over the useful life of the asset that was built rather than massively inflating profit all in one year.

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  2. The more clubs benefit and rely on the NRL grants as key to their income rather than on the insidious and deadly gambling businesses which for decades have propped up Australian Rugby League the better.

    A business model based on the crippling financial addiction of poor people to pokies isn't one to be admired.

  3. 5 minutes ago, ShropshireBull said:

    So again. Comparing crowds that a club gets in the champ to what a club gets in SL is you missing the point. Or budget,  if I took Wakeys 1.5mil away would they have the same squad?  Of course not,  so its disengenous to pretend York would carry the same squad with 1.5 million extra. 

    Unless you think yorks crowds are static and wouldnt grow the point being made is if York were in SL they would be bigger or at least equal to Wakefield. 

    People on here seem to willfully miss the point or dont have the honestly to say 'I think York would be lower than Wakey if York were in SL'. 

    I disagree as York is a thriving affluent city with 2 universities and can tap into the commercial income in the área. 

    I hope that Wakey can capture a new market with updates but saying because York have an inferior squad in Champ is reason why it would be lower than Wakey in SL is a stupid arguement. 

    York have never been a larger club than Wakefield. You can wish it were the case, you can imagine that maybe if they'd been in Super League for 20 years maybe they would have become larger but you can't state it as fact. The reality is the UK sport market is acutely mature and very entrenched and there is little reason to think York would start getting larger crowds than Wakefield if they were in SL.

    But most of all remember that Rugby League is a sport and that it has fans. You can decide that achievement on the field is irrelevant. You can decide that Wakefield, who have won and repeatedly defended their position in Super League on the field, often against the odds, sometimes quite heroically, should surrender their place to another, smaller, club because the other club inhabits a "thriving, affluent city". But don't expect that there won't be a loss of fans and a loss of TV subscribers as you try to shoehorn clubs deemed to be more appealing into the league.

    Rugby League and its fans largely inhabit the negative space away from the thriving and away from the affluent - and telling them this isn't the sport for them is so dumb and so counterproductive. This cultural cringe some fans have, and their desperation to disassociate the sport from its reality, from its embarrassing unfashionable, non-affluent fan base, is a constant theme. And you seem willing to kill off a couple of clubs and destroy the integrity of the sport to achieve it.

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  4. 1 hour ago, ShropshireBull said:

    His point is clearly that if York were in SL, they would be of equal or greater stasture to Wakey. Before Wakey´s new redevelopement, that´s hard to disagree with. 

    Based on what could or would York be more valuable to the league than Wakefield? Crowds - no, junior player development - absolutely not, on field performance - no, incrementally larger TV viewing figures - doubtful.

    Please don't tell us it's all about shiny, new stadia. Because an empty shiny new stadium is less use than a half-full, decrepit old one.

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  5. The Eagle has landed.

    Famously amongst the first things Howard Wilkinson did when landing at Elland Road in 1988 was to take down all the old photographs of the 1960s/70s Leeds United team as he thought the club was obsessively living in the past in a way which wasn't healthy.

    At Headingley and at Kirkstall they've build the past literally into the walls of the place -  the players can't turn a corner without seeing some ghostly figure brandishing a trophy or a list of great past players.

    I wonder if Smith might just want to turn the players' focus away from all that sort of stuff.

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  6. 25 minutes ago, redjonn said:

    To be precise and as I remember it was from the licence fee announced in 2006 over a period to cover costs of switchover.  This followed a campaign from Ch4 to receive a public subsidy to cover the costs.

    So I guess depends how you view the licence fee.  It's a public subsidy which was used.

    I don't believe it ever happened.

    Channel 4 switchover cash shelved

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  7. 2 hours ago, idrewthehaggis said:

    Funny in all the friendly discord in this thread, may I suggest that we seemingly are agreeing that TWP was a lost opportunity and the RFL demonstrated lacking again.

    Let's be precise: the RFL admitted Toronto to the league in the first place. And the RFL, along with St Helens, Leeds and Catalan voted to retain them in Super League in 2020. It was all the other SL clubs and Elstone who did the dirty deed.

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  8. 7 minutes ago, Dave T said:

    Yes, it's where I find diversity helps with the punditry instead of having a load of Yorkshire forwards discussing it. 

    Fortunately we don't have many of those since Stevo retired. Getting rid of the Lancastrian ones might help though.

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  9. Don't know if Hull KR were distracted by next week but they were well off the pace. And picked up some injuries as well which could be bad for the semi unfortunately, include Coote.

    No doubt some Rovers fans will mention James Child.

    I'll just say that Leeds for some reason really looked to be enjoying playing for once and that fed into a confidence with the ball we've not seen for a long time - and also stirred the Headingley crowd out of its months-long slumber.

    Tony Smith, as he sometimes does, at the end stood for a long time next to the tunnel waiting for almost every Leeds player to walk in so he could shake them by the hand. 

  10. 40 minutes ago, Chrispmartha said:

    Wilkin has a real blind spot when it comes to Leeds, he clearly has never got over them beating Saints in all those finals - he never has or has had a good word to say about Leeds.

    In the middle of all our current troubles few things can raise a smile like Jon Wilkin being so haunted by those Grand Final losse that the merest mention of Leeds drives him over the edge.

  11. 6 hours ago, Sir Kevin Sinfield said:

    If Featherstone are promoted I can say as a Leeds fan I probably wouldn’t bother going to Featherstone away, it has very little appeal.

    Fortunately you're not representative of Leeds fans (if you are a Leeds fan). Fev away in the league has always generated very large Leeds followings, such as in 2016 and before that the famously violent game in November 94. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, Exiled Wiganer said:

    I wish him well. I think he is a really good full back, and surely playing the game he is good at is the likeliest way to ensure that his mental health is looked after. The end result is fine - if I were working at Wigan I would be very unimpressed with Leeds’ behaviour. We put in a huge amount of time and effort to see him right.

    So have all his clubs.

    Just imagine your're Cas - we got them to pay £150k for him and he then gifted us another title and they then had to write the whole lot off as a bad job.

  13. Not many more terrifying things for a Leeds fan than one of these popping into the inbox. On this occasion it's a pep talk about what a great weekend the club just had and did you see our exciting news earlier?

    One win will do that for a club.


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