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  1. 32 minutes ago, Old Frightful said:

    Going on pro rata, Walker has made twice as many metres and twice as many tackle busts whilst Connor has created 12 times as many tries.

    Happy with that as a third pivot.

    Yes they're a fundamentally different type of full back. Walker generally can't pass but is a great runner. Connor much more creative for other players.

    It depends what you want from a full back (we'll see what Agar really prefers if Myler and Walker are ever both fully fit at the same time).


    Edit obviously you'd really like someone who has all the skills but 1998 Iestyn Harris isn't picking up the phone.

  2. 21 minutes ago, RL Tragic said:

    Then her rights at being offended shouldn’t affect the rights of someone who isn’t offended , your part of that set of people who trumpets free speech as long as it conforms to your ideals and values . I see things every day that offend me and make my blood boil . But I would happily face bullets to keep it that way . The other option is far to scary , and starts with little nibbles away at peoples liberty . 

    Don't pretend being against morons making moronic observations is somehow anti-free speech.

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  3. 4 hours ago, Nate90 said:

    He did a fantastic job at St Helens and then seemed to disappear from coaching other than the consultant role at Cas and the job at Doncaster. What happened at Saints? 

    He won the '99 Grand Final which was some acheivement, although it helped that Bradford always choked against Saints.

    But it's fair to say his spell wasn't entirely without incident. Who can forget that time the club suspended him (in the middle of the '99 season) and then said he'd tried to swap Keiron Cunningham for Richard Pachniuk and Tommy Martyn for Graham Holroyd? There were sit ins and all sorts of fan protests, it was amazing to watch from a distance. Then they did it all over again when they sacked Millward a few years later.

    Saints ban outspoken Hanley

    Rugby League: Hanley denies transfer claims

    The board then eventually did get rid of him less than six months after he won that Grand Final.

    St Helens sack Hanley




  4. 2 minutes ago, Just Browny said:

    It was a person who I hold in very low esteem comment. To be fair he deleted it and has apologised sincerely, time to move on. 

    For some reason that tweet of his was recommended in my feed despite me not following him. I stuck him on mute as I can't imagine there ever being a post or opinion of his I'd want to see.

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  5. 8 minutes ago, Rach said:

    Conwy Castle - might be a 'silly castle' to you but it's North Wales Landmark so pretty relevant to the clubs geographical location and the regional idenity of the supporters  😟

    Suppose you think Liverpool FC kits look ok but they'd look better if they ditched that stupid bird ....



    I don't want to speak for @Davo5 but I suspect it's not the castle that's silly, it's the aesthetic crime of trying to incorporate it into a playing kit. It looks awful and a mess.

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  6. 2007:



    UK sports producer and distributor IMG Media has extended its contract with the Rugby Football League (RFL), pledging to “increase international distribution and exposure of British rugby league events.”

    IMG acts as exclusive worldwide media consultant for the RFL, governing body of rugby league, and under the new deal will help it to negotiate new domestic broadcast contracts and media opportunities.

    They did this at least until 2011, possibly later.





    The Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) has appointed IMG Media to act as exclusive sales agents for the international TV rights to the Rugby League World Cup 2008.



    IMG to distribute NRL TV rights worldwide



    IMG finds Rugby League World Cup a tough sell in New Zealand





    Former Vice President EMEA & International at IMG Worldwide Licensing, Simon Gresswell, has joined the Rugby League World Cup 2021 (RLWC2021) team to support the Licensing, Merchandise and Retail strategy for the tournament.


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  7. 2 hours ago, Dave T said:

    The Wire crowd was pretty poor really. I think we have some issues at Wire, the crowds are way down and I see little buzz around to increase that. There was probably a thousand tickets sold last night at a quid or a fiver. It looks like we are running with around 8k as our core base which is a substantial drop. 

    I've been able to go to more games recently and I must admit these first couple just haven't really felt like events, the offering off the pitch is looking a bit tired. 

    I don't want to be too doom and gloom as we are still in a good position, but I'm not sensing that going to Wire on a Friday night is a must attend event. 

    Here's something I don't understand - Cas lose Powell, a coach who has clearly led them to over-achieve during his tenure, and replace him with someone most people knew wouldn't do great. Yet somehow they managed to create such a sense of optimism that they sold out the Jungle for their first game.

    Wire bring in the over-achieving coach whose teams play a decent style to replace a nice guy who bored everyone to tears for four years. Yet Warrington's crowds go down.

    Perplexing, it can't all be marketing can it?

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  8. The Featherstone-Leeds romance is off 😢

    Rhinos agree dual registration with Bulls

    Said Hetherington, "This change has been brought about primarily because Featherstone Rovers no longer have the same need for our emerging players. They have a large and strong squad of their own and are focused on winning promotion to the Betfred Super League this season.

    “We need our talented young emerging players who aren’t selected to the Rhinos 1st team to be playing at the highest level to aid their development, which is our main priority and this new arrangement with Bradford Bulls and Featherstone Rovers works for us all."

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