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  1. 4 hours ago, JonM said:

    The moaning about it is never about the sporting characteristics of it either. 

    IMO, it's dull, but less dull than say motor racing or golf. Still, some people like to watch those sports. It doesn't involve people being paid large sums of money, or indeed any money at all. It does feature people who are enormously dedicated athletes, among the very best in the world at what they do. It's half an hour of cheap tv that gets good ratings. No-one is forced to watch. 


    I bet it's not particularly cheap TV to produce with all the multiple outside broadcast locations to cover.

    Unfortunately it appears to generate unfathomably high viewing figures.

  2. 33 minutes ago, Dunbar said:

    This is exactly right.  It's the difference between the strength of a club and the strength of a team.  In the former category, Leeds are in an enviable position.

    Very true. Although, and here's something which will delight JohnM, the pandemic is wreaking a bit of havoc even with (particularly with) the strong clubs.

    Caddick's 2021 consolidated accounts, published yesterday and which include Leeds RL as a separate segment, are an early indication of how Rugby League clubs endured the second year of Covid. They show a continuation of Wigan-style losses at Leeds. But that should reverse in 2022 as 'more normal operations' resume. Whereas clubs with nothing to fall back on will still have nothing to fall back on.







  3. 5 hours ago, Lowdesert said:

    Reading the aussie press, Kyle was taken out of first team action as Gould thought he needed to 're-set' himself and his game but now he is ready to play.  Then Gus drops a load of pressure on him by saying the Dogs will revolve around what Kyle does.  If its a confidence thing, which imo is a massive percentage of an RL players make up, then to say nothing wouldve been a better option!

    Phil Gould being a dick? Why that doesn't ring true with the man we know and admire at all!

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  4. 14 minutes ago, Desert Skipper said:

    Sunday Times interview with the CEO of Jet2Holidays:


    “Rugby league or rugby union?

    Rugby league”


    Good man, Mr Heapy! 

    Looks like he's an Oldham lad so makes sense.

    Jet2's head office is 5 miles from Headingley and their customers skew northern so always wise to keep onside with them too 🙂

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  5. 5 hours ago, Josef K said:

    I think Saints sold 1,800 in all with a few more paying at the gate(or using a debit card). How much are seating tickets in the North Stand MJM, if i ever go to Leeds again i might be tempted to take a sit down. 

    Adult is £32 if bought in advance. Away fans are allocated Section A which is adjacent to the Western Terrace.

    It was a good following from Saints on Friday, the terrace looked around half full. The official capacity is exactly 4,000 so maybe 2,000 fans. Perhaps a bit less as some Leeds fans do stand there.

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  6. 9 hours ago, yipyee said:

    Leeds only allocated 1500 to saints, shooting themselves in the foot there, is that the capacity of the derelict stand they force away fans into?

    No, not even half the capacity of the away end. St Helens were also allocated seats in the North Stand.

    But I have no idea what "shooting themselves in the foot" means, or what you think it means.

    Very few away ticket allocations in SL are fixed and they are often decided in consultation with the away team - i.e. how many do you think you will sell. If the away team thinks they are going to sell out their allocation the conventional thing is to ask the home club for more tickets. If that didn't happen then St Helens have an administration problem.

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