Frustration reins as Championship and League 1 clubs lock horns over season resumption

The future of the Championship and League 1 seasons remain up in the air after the latest forum meeting between clubs.

All 25 clubs were present as two working groups presented their findings regarding the prospective return of the competitions.

But clubs remain split on whether the leagues should restart, with the forum seeing clubs clash heads once again, despite months or arguments on the matter.

Though a decision was never expected today, there was an expectation that an outcome would be clearer. But that’s not the case, with clubs continuing to argue for and against a restart with no sign of a resolution in sight.

Clubs are now growing tired of the situation. One club official contacted by TotalRL said: “Sick of being in limbo.”

Another added: “Fed up of going round in circles.”

Clubs such as Leigh, Featherstone and Newcastle are among those strong in favour of the season restarting as they believe it is viable to do so. They have gradually earned more support from their peers though there remains a strong number of clubs opposed to the return in fear of cost and logistical challenges.

In a statement, the RFL outlined that clubs will now be asked to fill in a survey before an RFL board meeting on July 6th.

It read: “Betfred Championship and League 1 clubs held a scheduled Forum via video conference today, chaired by Simon Johnson, RFL Chair.

“The clubs discussed a range of issues, with the main topic of discussion to consider options for the 2020 season, following its suspension on March 16.

“Reports from the two working groups that had been set up at the last Forum, in mid-May, were presented – one on cost and logistics, the other on revenue opportunities.

“A range of views were expressed by clubs, both on the issues involved – now involving the possible return of crowds to sport later in the year – and on when a decision should be made regarding the 2020 season.

“The clubs will now be invited to present their views formally via a survey, and those views will be carried forward to the next RFL Board meeting on July 6.

“Clubs also considered a presentation on recommendations from the RFL Laws Committee meeting earlier this month, focusing on the reasons for changes recommended for the 2020 season – which will also be carried forward to the July RFL Board meeting.”