Future bright at Salford, says Watson

Ian Watson believes Salford’s future is bright after their debts were cleared following the termination of a long-standing CVA.

The Red Devils secured tenth place in Super League with victory over Wakefield on Friday, with the club docked three victories as punishment for not complying by the terms of the CVA arrangement.

As a result, the Red Devils are now debt free for the first time in years, and, off the back of two major final appearances in 12 months, Watson believes now is the time for the club to move forward.

“Salford is in a position now where if it’s going to build, it has to do it off the back of the last two years,” he said.

“The CVA might help. They’ve had potential investors the last few years coming in and maybe this clears the way now to see if it’s a serious club to invest in. With no debt there it might be a little winner for them.”

Watson, who halted talks with Hull FC last month about their vacant head-coach position, admitted he wasn’t sure whether any further interest would be shown from other clubs.

He has outlined his ambitions for the club to its officials, which includes the acquisition of three or four players to solidify their chances to compete at the top.

And now Watson is confident the club will be able to do just that.

“I hope so, we’ll see what happens on that. I told Bleasy (Ian Blease) what we wanted and we’ve kind of left it up to them. I’ve not had any real dealings with them, I’ve left them to the club.

“I always want to win something, but I’m really positive about this group.

“We’ve been the best club in terms of off-field and Covid. They’ve bought into being together as a team and as a club, then on the field they’ve bought into what we’ve asked of them. They’ve shown since lockdown that they’re a really good team.

“I’m disappointed we didn’t win at Wembley because you don’t know when those opportunities are going to come again, but I’m really proud of the group, the group of players are a phenomenal bunch of people and it’s a pleasure to work with them.”

On his future, Watson added: “You never know! Rugby league is a strange game. One thing I always say is that players and coaches are no different. People will come forward at different times and want to sign them and other times they won’t come and there will be negative comments. You’ve got to ride that wave. I just like to focus on myself and what will be, will be.”

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