GB Masters shine against Australia

Great Britain Masters are coming towards the end of their tour of Australia – Paul Field reports.

The final day of the Masters International Festival is traditionally the Representative Day where players, nominated by their teams, play in representative games.
This year not only were sides picked for the Australia v New Zealand games but also for the Indigenous team v Maori, and for Australia to play the touring Great Britain team.

The final game of the day and the festival was the Australian v Great Britain international, rounding off a celebration of Masters Rugby League.

This was by far the best performance of the tour by Great Britain, despite a number of players carrying injuries. Captain Gav Wright led from the front in both attack and defence during a fast and furious game.

Players on both sides took the international very seriously and the intensity was increased for this game.

Great Britain’s try can down the left from Michael `Wayne’ Tourney, after good work from Shaun McPoland.

In the end it was Australia’s Scotty Campbell who stole the show with a Man of the Match performance and a hat-trick of tries.

At the end of the game all the players formed the traditional Masters circle to cheer each other and referee Maxine Godinet (NZ) and the excellent 0-0 draw!

The final game of the Great Britain tour is at Narellan Jets.