Spain name train on squad for World Cup Qualifiers

London Broncos’ hooker Eloi Pelissier has been named in Spain’s train on squad for the forthcoming final European qualifiers for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup. They are in pool A with Ireland and Italy, the top two nations going through. The bulk of the squad is playing in France, with 18 from the Spanish domestic league, nine of them coming from Torrent Tigres.

Head coach Darren Fisher commented: “The squad looks well balanced, I’m happy with the new faces coming in and we should have a good blend of experience to go with them. We are at our highest position in the world rankings going into the games and the players are looking forward to the challenge. We could potentially be one win from the World Cup but we know we will have to put in two very good efforts in the get anything out of the games.”

His captain, Palau’s Alex Doutres added: “Whatever the final result we will grow out of this. The World Cup will be a plus for the development of rugby league in Spain and trying to mix the cultures of at home and abroad. We have a desire, passion and belief to do well.”

Luc Franco, Gaetan Estruga, Maxime Garcia, Navarro Mathias, Simon Juárez, (Albi RL), Anthony Delgado, Alexis Escamilla, Julien Agullo, Romain Palleres, (Carcassone), Romain Franco, Ugo Perez (Catalans Dragons), Daniel Garcia (Crosfields), Antonio Puerta, Juan Mudarra, Rafael Garcia (Custodians RL), Joss Santos (Eastmoor Dragons), Chris Lopez (Heworth), Hugo Julien, Pierre Negre, Nicolas Munoz, Benjamin Tort, Sebastian Martin, Walid Bouregba (Lezignan), Leandre Torres, Valentin Yesa (Limoux), Eloi Pelissier (London Broncos), Yoan Tissere (Montpellier), Jonathen Infante Leclerc (Ontiyent), Alex Doutres, Anthony Carrere, Clement Herrero (Palau), Maxime Scimone (Pia), Kevin Aparicho, (Rennes etudiant club rugby), Damola Ayanlaja (Salford City Roosters), Miguel Blanco-Charters (Seaton Rangers), Joel Laynez (Skirlaugh), Bastien Scimone (St Esteve), Aitor Romero, Daniel Morales, Carlos Jane, Hadriel Mehamed Gonzales, Ruben Romero, Sigfrido Garcia, Raul Simo, Miquel Tomas Enrique, Vincent Cubes (Torrent Tigres), PJ Lima, Pierre Fourquet (Toulouse Olympic), Miguel Olivares, Ruben Olivares (Valencia Warriors), Ludovic Renu (VARL), Fernando Vidal, Adrian Alonso, Carlos Font (Xativa Roosters)


Sat 26th Oct 5pm
Spain v Ireland at Xàtiva, Valencia

Sat 2nd Nov 4pm
Italy v Spain at Stadio Communale G. Teghil Lignano

Sat 9th Nov 7pm
Ireland v Italy at Morton Stadium Santry, Dublin