GET INVOLVED: Your hopes for Rugby League in 2016

With the New Year (and the new season!) just around the corner, we’ve been asking you for your hopes for the sport in 2016.

2015 was a year Rugby League fans will never forget for so many reasons. It will take something truly incredible to top it and make 2016 even more noteworthy, but you certainly seem to think there are a few things that can be done.

Here’s the best responses we’ve had so far in terms of what you’re hoping for in 2016 – and there’s still time to get involved. Tweet us either @LeagueExpress or @RLWorld, and the best will be included right here!

We start with Richard, who wants to see more expansion in the sport in 2016:

Quite a few people want to see more done with the sport’s international game – including Andy Fyles, who tweets:

Moving onto club matters, and Neil Connolly wants to see something extra from the 2014 Super League champions St Helens:

Former South Wales coach Mike Grady thinks the game needs more marketing, especially after Kevin Sinfield’s success at SPOTY:

We like this tweet from Andrew Mansell, who wants to see development in an under-represented arm of the sport:

Oliver Wilcock wants more competitiveness in the Super 8s:

What about you? Anything you want to see done better by the sport in 2016? Or just a hope for your side – avoid relegation? Win silverware? Tweet us and get involved!