York v Hull FC friendly still scheduled to go ahead

York City Knights have said they are “optimistic” Sunday’s friendly against Hull FC will go ahead despite horrendous weather in North Yorkshire.

Storm Frank is expected to batter parts of the country over the coming days, less than a week after Storm Eva caused carnage across parts of Yorkshire – including in York.

The game is scheduled to take place at Bootham Crescent on Sunday with a 3pm kick-off, but York City’s football match against Northampton was postponed on Boxing Day due to the weather.

Despite that, Knights major shareholder John Guildford told the York Press: “As far as we’re aware, the game is on, we’re ready and we’re looking forward to it. There should be a good turnout and hopefully it will be a good day.

“If York City have concerns, I would assume they would contact us and we would get in touch with a local referee to carry out a pitch inspection if and when necessary.

“If it was at Huntington Stadium (the Knights’ former ground which is to be redeveloped as the community stadium), it would be a banker as that pitch drained well. I don’t know Bootham Crescent as well as City do, obviously, but I’m optimistic it will be okay on Sunday.”