Gilmour talks up Wakefield’s heroics

Wakefield assistant Lee Gilmour has heaped praise on the Wildcats squad after securing their place in the top eight.

Last year’s Million Pound Game participants secured their top eight spot following Hull FC’s victory over Hull KR on Thursday, before ending a fabulous week in style as they picked up a superb victory at Catalans, a victory that moves them to within six points of the top four while they still have a Challenge Cup semi-final to look forward to.

Their rise has been almost unthinkable with the club still slumped at the bottom of the table ahead of Chris Chester’s arrival midway through the season, and Gilmour heaped praise on all involved in their upturn.

“It’s a huge thing for the club and the players,” he said. “You look back to last year and we were in the Million Pound Game yes, but look back even closer than that: three or four months ago for example. Since Chris’ arrival the boys have grown in confidence and got better and better and it’s got us where we are today. It’s nice to be in the eight but we’re looking up. We want to try and squeeze in the top four if we can.

“A lot of these boys were involved in that game last year and they knew their livelihoods and jobs were on the line. So to have that pressure being taken off us and know we can be in the eight takes the pressure off us. It’s a great feeling.”

Gilmour went on to reveal the club will now re-assess their targets for the year.

“You set yourselves targets in life all the time and when you achieve them you want to re-assess. Our initial goal was to get in the top eight but the position we find ourselves in now is very exciting. We’re within 80 minutes of Wembley, and aiming for the top four should be a very realistic goal for this group.”

Gilmour went on to speak about the club’s recruitment for next year. You can find those comments in the new League Express, available in stores now or online by clicking here.