Robinson hoping to benefit from working under Stone

Luke Robinson is hoping that the opportunity to learn from new head coach Rick Stone will benefit his coaching career.

It was announced last week that Robinson would replace Chris Thorman as Huddersfield’s new Under 19s coach, with Thorman stepping up to become Stone’s assistant.

The former Wigan and Salford halfback only retired at the beginning of the season, but with his playing days behind him and his focus on coaching, Robinson hopes his time working under the former Newcastle head coach will develop his skills.

“To get to tap into the knowledge Rick brings is huge,” he said. “There are many different attributes you need to be a good coach but your knowledge of the game is vital, and you can’t fault that. He brings with him a wealth of experience.

“I’m the under-19s coach, which is a job I’ve been doing for the last two games: and we’ve won them both! I’ve got a foot in both camps really because I obviously only retired at the start of the year so I can help Rick out in certain areas. However, I’m really excited that I’ll be able to assist the first team and run the 19s. I’m really grateful to the club for this opportunity.”

Robinson went on to admit that it has been a whirlwind four months since announcing he would be ending his playing days.

“I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a washing machine – I don’t know if retiring has hit home yet. I came off the back of knowing I was really struggling to play on, I was then told I’d take a coaching role on at the end of this season and with the regime change the club has gone through, here we are now and I’m hopefully a key part of Rick’s new setup. My feet haven’t touched the ground yet! It’s been a welcome distraction.”

With longevity a trait very hard to find in the world of professional coaching, Robinson isn’t naive enough to think it will be an easy ride. However, he is confident that he can have a successful coaching career.

“Coaches don’t stay in a job for very long but I’d like to buck that trend!

“I’ve always said from day one that, without blowing my own trumpet, I feel like I’d be a good coach. I think the position I played, the personality traits I’ve got and other things make me suitable to the coaching world. I’ve had loads of good coaches – and some bad ones, so I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum.

“My ethos on the way you play the game is everything comes on the back of effort and working hard for each other. This group I’ve inherited, I couldn’t have asked for anything else. They’ve done everything I ask for them and they’ve gone through a very difficult period in both their careers and their personal lives. They should be very proud of how they’ve acquitted themselves if I’m being honest.”

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