Greg Eden makes Castleford Tigers future admission as he gives verdict on Andy Last as head coach

CASTLEFORD TIGERS stalwart Greg Eden has outlined ways in which the West Yorkshire side can improve, as he talks about his future at The Jungle.

Eden has been a key part of Castleford’s team in recent years, with the flyer now occupying the fullback spot in the absence of Niall Evalds.

For Eden, he wants the Tigers to improve their consistency.

“We were a bit disheartened with how we played against Leeds and then backed up against Warrington with that. We need to find consistency,” Eden said.

“I think a big one is our completion. We stay in the arm-wrestle but then get a good ball attack and we come up withe errors and they march us back down field. It’s a big one we have focused on, to complete in good ball areas.

“We need to stick together and hopefully we come out of the other end.”

Of course, Eden referenced the loose ball he threw out against Warrington that left the Wolves with a 12-0 lead from which the Tigers never recovered.

“The mistake did haunt me, I’ve tried forgetting about it. I thought the pass was on as Warrington were quite tight defensively.

“They weren’t expecting it and I probably rushed it, but it’s one to forget about.

“I’m happy at the moment. I do enjoy playing fullback as it’s a bit more hands on which suits me.

“There are no hiding places at fullback, you are targeted more with kicks. With playing on the wing for a while there are more metres to cover in the back linking with both sides.”

The Tigers winger/fullback was also asked about the job prospects of Andy Last following that Wire drubbing.

“I hope it doesn’t (affect them), but it doesn’t look very good losing though we were playing Warrington who were sitting top.

“If we can bounce back and show some resilience this week like he is asking, if we can do those things hopefully it will be a close game or we can give them something that they wont expect.

When asked if Last would have his backing, Eden said: “There are a lot of boys who think he’s a good coach as well as me. We need to come up with some results for him obviously it won’t look too good if we don’t.

“I suppose so. We’ve not filled his void yet, we’re a coaching staff down we are sticking to the same protocols because Andy has worked with Lee (Radford) for a long time but he’s put his own twist on things.”

“It was strange around the place at first. I thought he would have got a bit longer to be honest and a chance to turn it around so obviously that didn’t happen.”

Eden is out of contract at the end of the 2023 Super League season and he knows that a decision will need to be made down the line about his future.

“For me personally, I tend to know that’s coming up and I want to string some good performances together, stay fit and hopefully play well.

“As a team we are struggling at the minute but it’s about resilience and trying to compete each week.”

Asked if he would like to see his career out at Castleford, Eden said: “Yeah definitely, I spoke about that last time when I re-signed because it’s my hometown club.

“First thought, we need to put in some good performances and that’s my first thought going forward.”