Greg Inglis is finally on his way to the UK – five years after turning down Sheffield

Greg Inglis’ move to Warrington is one of the most unexpected pieces of news in recent memory.

The Aussie great is on his way to Super League in 2021, despite the fact he hung the boots up last year.

His decision to step out of retirement was a shock in itself, but the decision to do so in Super League made the news create headlines across the world.

However, this isn’t the first time Inglis has been offered a chance to come to the UK.

Back in 2015 he was offered a chance to make a move to England, with Championship side Sheffield.

It wasn’t a publicity stunt either. The Eagles made a genuine offer to Inglis, widely regarded as one the world’s best players at the time, to play alongside the likes of Dom Brambani and Eddie Battye.

“I was driving into work and the guy who was funding Sheffield at the time was a bit of a fantasist for the want of a better word,” explained Ken Jones, who was the club’s chief executive at the time.

“He rang me up and told me he’d spoken to Greg Inglis’ agent. I nearly crashed on the motorway. I asked him if he was being serious and he said yes and that he’d made him an offer.

“He said he’ll fund it. I told him he might be able to fund it for a week.

“He was explaining how it would help in the new stadium and everything but I just told him he’s crazy and it wouldn’t work.

“Anyway, I got into work and someone had picked up the phone. Someone said ‘Ken, we’ve got Fox News Australia on the phone, they want to speak to you’.

“Anyway this Australian was on the phone and said I was live on the radio and wanted to ask me about Greg Inglis.

“He asked me if it was going to happen and I told him there were two chances of it happening – none and bugger all.

“But then all the media stuff came out and I thought at the time it was worth keeping going as long as we could to keep the media interested in Sheffield Eagles.

“I was just gobsmacked that the guy had the balls to get in touch with his agent and make an offer!”

In the end, Inglis decided to stay with South Sydney, though we have no idea why. Perhaps he was wary that Menzie Yere may restrict his playing opportunities.

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