Kirby wants more praise for Huddersfield’s Academy

Jon Luke Kirby believes Huddersfield’s Academy deserves more recognition.

The Giants youngster is one of four players to sign a new deal with the club in the past month, with Sam Hewitt and the Senior twins, Innes and Senior, all committing to the club after breaking into the club’s first-team squad.

Of the Giants’ current 32-man squad, 11 are Academy-grown, a record few clubs in Super League can boast.

Many others have joined the club at a young age and been developed at the club, and Kirby says it’s time the club got more acknowledgement for its effort with youth.

“The Academy system is really good,” he said.

“Just look at the lads playing now, it’s a young team that has come through and there are lads in my year who have done the journey together.

“It bodes well for the future and the ones coming through now, by the time they come through the side will have been together years and years, then there are lads like Jake Wardle, Matty English and Darnell McIntosh. We probably don’t get the recognition we deserve.”