Halifax player fined for social media offence

Halifax’s Ed Barber has been fined after being found guilty of breaching the RFL’s Social Media Code of Conduct.

He has been fined £1,000, three-quarters of that suspended until the end of 2021 and had a reprimand added to his disciplinary record.

Barber has volunteered for educational courses on inclusion and diversity as a result.

The charge relates to a tweet posted on July 30th, which was found to have contained unacceptable behaviour and language, which by implication targeted individuals or groups on the grounds of ethnic origin and/or religion.

The Tribunal noted that such offences were “very serious and would not be tolerated”. However, it gave the Player credit for his admissions and the fact that he had “taken voluntary steps to seek help, to educate himself with regard to Equality Inclusion and Diversity and his expressed intention to continue in that undertaking in the future”.