Has new Reserve Championship been confirmed for 2016?

It’s been mooted for several months now that a new reserve competition is set to go ahead in 2016 – but without official confirmation from the RFL, nobody has quite known where we are with it all.

However, have they revealed the identities of the new sides and the apparent structure with the latest update on their website?

There, it reveals nine teams who are listed under the Reserve Championship tab on their fixtures – a mixture of Super League and Championship teams.

Fans of Warrington, Wigan, St Helens, Hull FC, Keighley, Featherstone, Sheffield, Halifax and Dewsbury are all scheduled to have fixtures, with all sides playing each other at one point or another, it seems.

What’s more confusing though, is that each side plays a different number of games. Wigan, for example, play nine times throughout the year – whilst Keighley play 15!

Expect more details on this in Monday’s League Express but for now, this seems like at least a minor step forward for the game with the return of reserve grade for Super League sides.