HAVE YOUR SAY: Should Leeds have dropped Sinfield?

Despite a pulsating 24-24 draw on Thursday night, the biggest talking point in the game between Huddersfield and Leeds surrounded a man who DIDN’T play.

Leeds took the bold step to drop Kevin Sinfield from their matchday 17, and went with the pairing of Danny McGuire and Liam Sutcliffe to start, with Rob Burrow on the bench as an alternative.

Sinfield had spent the last two matches on the bench for the Rhinos, but this was an even bigger move by coach Brian McDermott.

We’ve been asking on social media whether you think it was the right call for Leeds to drop their captain – and indeed whether he still has a role to play for the remainder of his final season at the club. Here’s what you said:

@DanielCayzer – “Massively missed Kev last night. He still has a major role to play unless B.Mac’s carries on letting his own ego from doing so…”

@markstevo72 – “If he isnt starting at 13 then he shouldnt be on the bench with Burrow as for last night there’s no definitive answer.”

@sarahsvred – “yes he was missed. Still got a massive role to play.”

@FamilyLatham – “His organisation was missed! Leeds sometimes seemed a bit at 6s and 7s. But kicking/playing wise don’t think he was missed!”

@sharpster69 – “Coaches call, although he is finding it easier to drop him after RU announcement. He will still have a major role to play.”