Huddersfield chairman expects few clubs to use marquee rule

Huddersfield Giants chairman Ken Davy believes that as few as just four clubs will seriously adopt the marquee rule for 2016 – and says those that do risk upsetting the harmony in their squads.

Eight clubs voted to introduce the marquee player ruling for 2016 but, speaking to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, Davy says that the uneven playing field people talk about with the marquee rule will come to fruition – and says not many clubs will actually implement the rule when planning for next season.

“This Super League season has been the closest and most competitive ever, and that’s down to the robust salary-cap system which we now have in place, and which is something we at the Giants have fought so hard to achieve,” he said.

“This marquee ruling will only help to create an uneven playing field once again. That’s surely something no-one wants to see.

“To be honest, I think there will only be about four clubs at most who’ll use this new facility, but I do think this could create unrest among the squads of those clubs who do.