Hull FC boss Tony Smith warns Super League rivals ahead of IMG shake-up

HULL FC head coach Tony Smith has called on Super League teams to entertain the masses in a bid to draw people into the sport.

Ahead of the IMG shake-up, with clubs set to be presented with the grading criteria in early March, Super League sides will be judged on a number of issues with on-field product almost certainly going to be one them.

For Smith, his love of the game is evident when he talks about rugby league, the passion oozing through his voice as he described the need to entertain people that spend their hard earned money on going to watch top flight sides.

And, the veteran Australian believes that the new stakeholders cannot sell the product if entertainment isn’t the name of the game.

“We’ve got to entertain and our sport has got to entertain,” Smith said.

“We keep looking at IMG, well IMG can only sell our product if it’s entertaining, so it’s up to us to be entertaining and not just going out there not to lose. I enjoy coaching teams like we played today, I love watching it. I love it when two teams play that well, it’s fantastic entertainment.”

Smith also professed just how keen he is for Hull fans – who have responded to his appointment with more season ticket purchases than they did so in 2022 – to be proud of how his players will play in the season ahead.

“I want people to come along and watch our team and be proud of the way we play. We will have our good days and not so good days, but as long as we are trying to get out there and win and entertain at the same time, I think it’s what fans want everywhere.

“They don’t want to watch teams who don’t want to make mistakes. Supporters don’t mind if they see their team lose as long as they are entertained.”