Hull KR boss Willie Peters calls for Super League rule change as he addresses rise in injuries 

THE career of a rugby league player is a short one. 

Yet, in recent seasons, the increasing amount of serious injuries has been a worrying aspect that continues to creep into the game. 

A number of outspoken coaches and players believe it is down to the increasing workload placed on the stars of our competition. 

And, for new Hull KR head coach Willie Peters, he believes something needs to change. 

“To play three games in a week is very demanding for Super League players at that level,” Peters told BBC Humberside.  

“As I said before, we are essentially in the entertainment business, the players are doing that every week. 

“But you need your best players playing every week and to play in Super League you need to be tough, you need to be fit and you need to be mentally strong. 

“There are a lot of factors that go into being a Super League player, so to ask them to train during the week and perform at the level they do and ask them to do it again three days later and possibly four days later that is very demanding and you are going to get injuries. 

On the BBC Humberside podcast, the former Newcastle Knights assistant was also asked which rule he would like to see changed. 

“I would probably have a penalty off the scrum, so you can kick the goal,” Peters answered.  

“Teams are always offside in those situations and they are happy to be offside.  

“There should be a consequence, so if it is in front (of the posts) they will lose two points.” 

It’s a new era for the Robins in 2023 after the departure of Tony Smith, with the likes of Rhys Kennedy, Tom Opacic and Sam Luckley just some of those stars gearing up ready to play for Peters next season.