Late U-turn settled salary cap dispute

The £2.1 million salary cap remains in place after a proposal to reduce it was rejected, but it was NOT unanimous in reality.

Super League released a statement saying clubs had voted unanimously to keep the cap at the current £2.1 million figure.

Clubs unanimously agreed to say they had voted in unison in a bid to show solidarity as the sport looks to overcome the issues facing the game, but it is believed many still have major reservations about the decision to keep the figure in place.

Before the meeting, the vote to reduce the cap was not unanimous at all. Instead, it was likely to be seven to five against the proposal.

It was expected that the competition’s six Yorkshire clubs would all vote to reduce the cap while Catalans, St Helens, Toronto, Warrington and Wigan were all to vote against it.

Salford were deemed to be the key party in the matter and they were expected to vote against the reduction.

However, League Express understands Hull FC then surprised everyone and indicated they may also vote against the reduction as the exact details behind the logistics were unknown.

It was argued in the meeting that the timing of the vote was unwise. The protest of players the day before, who posted blue squares on social media, along with the fact that the proposal was not going to get the required support to be passed, meant it would not be worthwhile to vote.

As a result, the proposal to say the decision was unanimous was tabled, and clubs decided it would be best for the competition’s image to say they were united on the matter.

However, the clubs are now hoping to have discussions with the GMB with a view to wage reductions continuing into 2021. Though it’s accepted that a minority of clubs will still be able to operate on the £2.1 million cap, along with dispensations.