Watson urges caution on copying NRL

Salford Red Devils head coach Ian Watson believes the RFL needs to consider long and hard whether to follow the NRL in implementing the ‘six again’ rule.

A laws committee meeting will take place on Thursday, when the prospect of installing the rule will be discussed.

Watson was impressed by the tempo of the NRL games during their return round, but he also fears the confusion might be damaging for the Super League competition as it looks to attract a wider audience.

“When we get back playing it’s going to be in front of a wider audience as football will be finished, so people will be watching Rugby League,” he said.

“What we can’t have is confusion among players and among people talking about the game.

“The tempo is so quick. Brisbane didn’t have the ball for six minutes and were exhausted and on their feet by the time they got the ball. The Eels had 40 sets and still had loads of time left in the game. It’s unheard of. You’re not winning a game doing that much defending, the game is already a possession game as it is.

“It does speed it up; it’s outstanding for the athletic side of the game and I’d say it will suit our guys, but it’s got to be the right thing for the game.

“When we come back we will have to really sell the sport and I think it’s important there’s clarity with the rules.

“The way the NRL has promoted the game has been fantastic and we should promote it really well too, because we know it’s a spectacle and we need to show it off to the potential new audience.”