‘I dreamt about this last night’: Latrell Mitchell on starring role in Australia’s World Cup win

AUSTRALIA’s two-try hero Latrell Mitchell dreamt of his country’s success in the World Cup Final the night before Saturday’s match and he admits his dream spurred him to give a five-star performance at Old Trafford.

“I actually dreamt about this last night, it sort of woke me up out of my sleep,” he said after the game.

“I suppose if you didn’t have dreams, you wouldn’t be able to achieve them. I followed mine and the boys set out to do something six or seven weeks ago to bring the trophy home. It’s surreal.

And now Mitchell is hoping for more international exposure, preferably against the old enemy.

“England has got to come to us now,” he said.

“We will take them on in Oz. One hundred per cent. England come to Oz and play there. We are ranked No.1 now. We should have been all along and we have proved why – and we are going to keep proving it for the next couple of years.”

Mitchell scored Australia’s first and last tries after being stirred up by Samoa’s Siva Tau haka.

“They’re a very passionate mob and when they do their war cry it’s something very special. I think Spencer Leniu actually got in my face, which sort of poked the bear a little. It switched me on from the kick-off and I knew I was ready for the game.

“Winning this is definitely a special moment I will hold close to my heart for the rest of my life. It’s something I’ve always wanted to tick off as a young fella. I’ve done a few things in the game but this is No1.”