Ian Watson eager to work with young Giants

Ian Watson has got to work with his new Huddersfield Giants squad – and already has one eye on some of the club’s most promising stars.

Among a high profile recruitment drive, Watson is looking forward to working with the next batch of youngsters trying to force their way into the first team.

“That’s what’s really exciting, having these young Huddersfield lads, Aidan McGowan who plays at fullback, Alfie Schultz, a big forward and young George Roby coming in from Warrington, it’s really exciting getting them in and guiding them through and creating a team environment.

“We’re working close Kim Williams and Steve Fox to have a pathway of getting them into the first team, and it keeps it interesting for the likes of Jermaine and Leroy, some of the older players, to see if you can make each other better too. It’s just as exciting working with the older guys because they can challenge me as a coach to be better and I can challenge them.”

Watson says he hasn’t given much thought to the captaincy or leadership group ahead of the new season.

“Normally you’ve got that set in place, it’s something we’ll discuss as a group, the early bits are finding out who are the leaders when you haven’t worked with them before.

“Michael Lawrence was really held in high regard across the league, you know he’s been a captain before, Luke Yates will compete to be a leader, there’s Chris McQueen who seems a really good guy, there’s Aidan obviously then you have younger guys like Adam O’Brien. It’s getting a good balance and the right dynamic.”