Ian Watson’s opinion on Castleford Tigers, taking penalty goals instead of running them and Jake Connor

HUDDERSFIELD GIANTS finally stemmed a four-game losing run with a less-than convincing 20-4 win over Castleford Tigers.

The Giants were far from perfect, scoring three tries through Esan Marsters, Innes Senior and Kevin Naiqama with just Alex Mellor replying for the Tigers.

For Huddersfield boss Ian Watson, he was happy to come away with the win.

“We were miles better and it looked more like us. We wanted to get back to our identity and from the first minute it looked like us,” Watson said.

“We started playing well instantly with our attack looking good, when we got in front we seemed to clam up a bit. We played right into the teeth of them in the first-half.

“Overall, it was pleasing, we could have got a few more tries.”

Early on in the first-half, Watson’s men chose to slot over two penalties instead of turning the screw when Castleford appeared stressed in defence, but the Huddersfield boss explained that both the players and Watson decided to take the kick.

“It was a bit of both, quite a few of them turned round and put their hands up, I’m keen on rolling through the sets and breaking them on the back of those sets. I was definitely an advocate of that.”

Watson did have some kind words for Jake Connor in particular.

“I thought Jake Connor played really smart, he played the tough stuff when he had to do and the smart stuff when he did. Jake is building, he is nowhere near the level of fitness he wants to be.

“Jake isn’t just there for this year, he was about going forward and building a team that can compete for a long time. He is learning on the run in terms of the mentality in which we play the game.”

“They’ve got a lot of good players and a good team in many ways. They play some attractive stuff but they need to balance when they get under the pump and do the tough stuff.

“They are trying to find their identity at the minute. They are having problems with their spine and it’s got to be about consistency on the field.

“They showed some good signs, they could have wilted after going down 10-0, they were threatening on the edges, and that Elliot Wallis looked good on the left edge. They are in a similar situation as us. They are trying to figure out their identity.”