IMG’s broadcasting success laid bare as new TV deal set to be signed in next few weeks

THERE is set to be a new TV deal signed in the next few weeks as Toulouse Olympique get read to strike up a contract with L’Occitane TV.

That deal will see all of Toulouse’s home games be broadcast live, with RL Commercial Managing Director Rhodri Jones explaining why the commercial market for rugby league has picked up since the start of the 2024 season.

“The commercial market in the last four weeks has picked up to a better position that it was in January and February. It takes a little bit of time to get back up and in running with businesses,” Jones said.

“We have a couple of live conversations which we hope will kick on to become partners in the sport. From a club perspective, it’s always difficult for clubs to sell something when you can’t see the product in the off-season.

“You can talk about it but until you see it, it’s very difficult. With the season starting I would like to think they are having more pro-active conversations and some clubs are looking at next year too.”

Jones also hailed IMG’s influence on the Sky deal as well as other international contracts.

“From a broadcast perspective, IMG were hugely supportive where we were in the final position with Sky. You can attribute a lot of Sky work with the work we did with IMG.

“The guys at IMG did the L’Equipe deal and the TV3 deal as well as the international deals around the world.

“There should be news from Toulouse with L’Occitane TV in the next few weeks.”

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