Jake Trueman on why he left Castleford Tigers for Hull FC, the Hull derby and when he will return from injury

THERE had been one constant at the Castleford Tigers since the 2018 season and that was halfback Jake Trueman.

Stepping into the role left by Luke Gale, who spent a number of months on the sideline at the Jungle in 2018 and 2019, Trueman quickly developed into one of Castleford’s main stars.

Trueman, despite being just 23 years of age, played over 100 games for the Tigers before leaving for pastures new at Hull FC ahead of the 2023 Super League season.

Now the halfback has revealed that he wanted to get out of his comfort zone after being at Castleford for so long.

“I’m really looking forward to it, I was at Castleford for six or seven years so it’s good to step out of my comfort zone with a new club and I’m really looking forward to it,” Trueman told The Sportsman.

“Stepping out of my comfort zone I met with Tony (Smith), all of the board, the owner Adam Pearson and I just thought that the club could go somewhere and challenge for titles season after season.”

For Trueman, he believes the side won’t click straightaway but he is hopeful that Smith’s men can be competing towards the top of the table come the end of 2023.

“I think it couldn’t get much different with a new spine, new coach and new ideas.

It’s not going to happen straightaway, but towards the back end of the season I think we can be competing with the top teams.”

Trueman is currently in a state of rehab after a devastating ACL injury whilst playing for Castleford in 2022, but he has set a target of May.

“It’s coming along the well, I’m hopeful to be back at the start of May, so I shouldn’t miss too much of the season,” Trueman continued.

Of course, one thing that a new Hull signing will have to get used to is the rivalry with Hull KR – and the 23-year-old is excited to challenge the Robins on the field.

“I can’t wait for it, everyone speaks about it.

“A few of my mates play for KR so that should be interesting. I’m really looking forward to that, that was also a big draw about joining Hull.”