James Gavet getting to know the neighbours during rigorous street workouts

James Gavet has caught the eye of his new neighbours with action-packed street workouts.

The Huddersfield forward recently moved into his new home in Brighouse and got to know his neighbours early as he continued his isolation training on the street.

“They’ve been watching, there’s been a few snarky remarks or compliments, saying they’re tired watching me train!

“We’re relatively new, the neighbours in the cul-de-sac started to introduce themselves and added us to a WhatsApp group, it’s a well-knitted neighbourhood, whenever they see me they give me a nod, it’s one of those neighbourhoods if you’re going away they’ll look after your pets and make sure your fish are fed.

“They’re all really friendly people, I’ve gained their respect and my partner, she’s been training alongside me, seeing us train most days in the week, they see even though we’re in lockdown that we’re trying to stay on top of things and be ready for the competition.”

Gavet has been posting his workouts on Instagram, with the Giants powerhouse using the time to hone parts of his game he otherwise doesn’t get to work on.

“Having been a pro athlete for just over 10 years now, I’ve always had to train according to the rules and whatever they want from us.

“Over this time I’ve been bringing my experience into play to start focusing on a more specific training schedule. It’s been really good to work on some of my weaknesses and strengthen my strengths.

“Everyone is always labelled as a certain type of player. Some might be known for doing 100 tackles a game, or do barnstorming runs or hurt people but only for 20 mins. I’ve been labelled as an aggressive player that shows strength but can’t last very long.

“So I’ve been working on a lot of ground-based fitness, getting off the ground, getting out of the dirt. It’s not a major weakness but something I’ve been able to find improvement in.”