Jonny Lomax: Hair-loss, heights and hot chocolate

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What would your last meal on Earth be?
Can I have three courses? Perfect. I’d probably start with chicken satay, lots of it. My main would be, without a doubt, lasagne – it’s all about the lasagne. Then hot chocolate fudge cake with ice cream to finish off.

What superpower would you most like to have?
I’d like to have a combination of two, if that’s okay. I wouldn’t mind being invisible so I could have a minute every now and then. For my second, and I’ve thought about this one a lot, did you ever used to watch Bernard’s Watch (kid’s TV show in which the main character Bernard possessed a pocket watch that could control time)? I’d love to have that watch. You can rewind and fast forward as well as stopping time. I’m not sure what I’d do with it. If I was tired I suppose I could have a kip.

What year would you go to in a time machine?
I’d probably go forwards. I’ve seen the past now. I would go quite far ahead and if anything really bad had happened I could go back and fix it. If I saw myself in 20 years my only wish would be to have hair on my head still. My dad’s a bit follically challenged so I am hoping to have more than him.

Do you have any phobias?
Snakes and spiders don’t bother me but heights aren’t my favourite. I remember going to Las Vegas with Matty Ashurst and Andy Dixon. We were staying in the Luxor hotel – the pyramid – and we were on about the 26th floor. At the end of the balcony there was only a small wall and Matty was sat on the edge, dangling his legs over. That scared me a bit. It’s not a phobia but I am not a fan of heights at all.

It’s my round, what are you drinking?
I normally start with a beer or a cider on a night out but I quickly move onto vodka, progress the night a bit quicker. A few of the lads rib me for it but I’m a fan of energy drinks with my vodka. Keeps you going!

Name one thing you wish you were better at.
I wouldn’t mind being a better golfer, I’m absolutely terrible and that’s why I don’t play. I’m not any good at making my bed, or cooking. Just generally, really. I wish I was just better (laughs)!

Do you have any superstitions?
I probably have more superstitions than anybody going. I get a lot of stick for it. I’ve got a bit of OCD. It starts from strapping: I have to tell the physio to strap me with white tape, only twice, around my ankles. Can’t be three or one. I have to tell them every time even though they know it. I have to kick my boots on and off and I have to stub the toes so they are on properly. Then before the game, even if I don’t need the toilet, I have to run to the toilet before we go out. Some people think my superstition is I have to be last out, but it’s about the toilet! At home I’m not much better. Every night I set out my clothes for the next day and when I go downstairs on a morning my coffee will already be in my cup. My breakfast will just need milk on it and the kettle will be full of water so I just need to boil it. It’s bad OCD and it’s only getting worse. I thought it would get better!

What’s your favourite TV show?
Family Guy has to be up there, I’m a big fan of that. I like Breaking Bad, too – I finished watching it last year and although it’s slow at times it is really addictive.

What is your favourite film?
I’m a big fan of ‘Man on Fire’ with Denzel Washington. And ‘Gladiator’. And ‘Despicable Me’, in that order. ‘Toy Story’ as well!

Do you have any hobbies away from Rugby League?
I do enjoy playing on the Playstation. I’m the Fifa king at Saints. Jordan Turner thought he was alright and I beat him 6-0. JT took it away to Catalans – sometimes after games people can’t sleep very well so it’s useful. I also enjoy playing Call of Duty.

Who is your best friend in Rugby League?
It’s probably Gary Wheeler or Tommy Makinson. Me and Tommy do a lot of running for each other and Gary was in the year below me at school so we’ve played together a bit.

Who has the worst dress sense on the team?
Walshy (scrum-half Luke) isn’t looking too sharp today. Alex Walmsley is probably your man, though. Always wearing some random attire and he loves a vest. And a snapback cap on backwards.

What do you hate more than anything?
I get really bad road rage so I suppose you could say bad drivers. People going 20 in a 30 annoy me. I’m always running late so I’m always in a rush. It has never got to the point of me getting out of the car or anything – I’m not brave enough. I just beep my horn and if it got to that I would just drive off.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Sweets. I have a bag of sweets in front of me now and it’s 10 in the morning.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?
I’ve knocked myself out in training twice. Where we used to train there used to be a bit of a banking behind the dead ball line. It was one of our first training sessions and I wanted to impress so was running around like a headless chicken. I was chasing a kick and just remember waking up all dizzy and confused. Turns out I had been laid out for a few seconds after hitting my head on the banking.

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