Shaun Wane: Anthony Gelling is a “weirdo”

Wigan coach Shaun Wane admitted he was not surprised when centre Anthony Gelling charged down a penalty kick in the Warriors’ World Club Series clash with Brisbane Broncos on Friday night.

The Cook Islander received a yellow card in golden point extra-time after illegally interfering with Corey Parker’s penalty attempt in front of the sticks, presumably in protest to the controversial decision that handed the NRL club the game.

Gelling’s unusual actions delighted the home crowd and bamboozled most others – but Wane anticipated it.

“If there was one person going to do that then it would be him,” he told this week’s League Express.

“He is a weirdo.

“He does the weirdest things in training. I have never seen that done in such an important game, but I had a feeling something like it would happen. He wanted to win badly.

“But I thought he was good. He showed to me that he wanted to win. I knew he was going to do something stupid like that.”