Kenny Edwards on bad Castleford Tigers form

CASTLEFORD TIGERS have endured a difficult 2023 season.

The Tigers parted ways with former head coach Lee Radford after round three following three losses in a row, with interim coach Andy Last eventually appointed as permanent head coach.

For one of the Tigers’ main players, Kenny Edwards, he doesn’t know why the West Yorkshire side currently finds itself in the predicament it is in, second bottom in the Super League table with just two wins all year.

“If I knew the answer to that we wouldn’t be in this would we? I’ve been in this situation a few times already, last year was one of them,” Edwards said.

“Last year we probably didn’t have the best pre-season together in terms of reps but Radders was the biggest clown out of all of us.

“He just made the area light up, things weren’t too heavy throughout all the hard times.

“I’ve been through a few dark times in my career, I won the wooden spoon with Parramatta. It wasn’t technical how we turned things around, it was more us coming together as a group.

“I’m sure Lasty has his ways that he will implement and I will leave that to him.