Kevin Brown’s secret meeting with Ian Watson & Ian Blease sparked Salford move

Kevin Brown has revealed how a meeting with Ian Watson and Ian Blease helped him decide to pick Salford ahead of rival clubs.

Brown was told by Warrington before they signed Gareth Widdop that they were targeting the St George Illawarra playmaker and that they wouldn’t be retaining his services.

That gave him a significant amount of time to ponder his future, and having dismissed the option of retiring after he suffered his devastating Achilles tendon injury in training, a number of clubs came forward.

Brown explained: “At first my agent rang and said there was interest from a few clubs, and Salford was just one of them.

“I’ll be totally honest, I wasn’t expecting to come here.

“It was only when I spoke to Watto and Ian Blease that I changed my mind. I could see they had a real drive about them.

“They excited me, and at my age that was something that I needed.

“The recruitment policy was about good people and good players, rather than just going for good players and not having a good culture, and that was a tick in the box.

“And they spoke to me about how I’d actually be playing and how I’d fit into the system. It was good that I’d play to my strengths, whereas sometimes you get pigeon-holed into a position and you have to fit into that team.

“We’re all working to each other’s strengths at Salford and that’s why many players have come to Salford and have often played better than they have before.

“I’m hoping that’s the case with me.

“I’ve been really happy in my form in the two trial games; I’ve played pretty well, and hopefully I can take that into the season.”

Brown has warned Salford supporters, however, not to expect him to be a clone of outgoing Steve Prescott Man of Steel Jackson Hastings.

Brown added: “I’m a completely different player.

“I’ll play to my strengths and try and lead the team around.

“If I tried to do something I can’t do, I’d be crazy. I’m just excited about contributing as much as I can.

“I spoke to Tui Lolohea about this – we’ll be a different combination altogether to Rob Lui and Jackson.

“Tui came in last season and played so much better than he was doing at Leeds.

“Training with him, he’s such a fantastic young player and I didn’t realise how young he is.

“It’s a partnership rather than me trying to do something and replace Jackson.

“We’re all joking about it, and I’ve said that Tui can replace him and I’ll just come in and play.

“But so far so good, and I won’t try and do something I’m not capable of.”