Kevin Sinfield’s gruelling fourth challenge ‘worth every step’ for MND community

KEVIN SINFIELD has completed his fourth challenge for motor neurone disease (MND) – and surpassed his fundraising target.

The former Leeds and England great ran seven marathons – plus an extra mile – for seven days, in seven different cities, in the ‘7 in 7 in 7 Challenge’.

He started with a run from Headingley – where he was seen off by former team-mate Rob Burrow – to York and finished in London on the Mall on Thursday.

In between, Sinfield took in Cardiff, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Dublin and Brighton, meeting MND sufferers across Britain on his travels.

Despite running 300 miles in a week for his previous challenge, Sinfield said this had been the toughest one yet.

“It’s probably a combination of a lack of preparation, the weather being pretty brutal, and the logistics of getting around cities,” he said. 

“For example, when we left Dublin, we arrived at the hotel in Brighton at midnight. That’s meant the recovery has been very different to what we’ve done previously. 

“Credit to the team we’ve got for turning us around pretty quickly and making sure we’re ready.”

Sinfield said his feet looked “like they’ve been run over with a lawnmower” after completing the final leg, but said it was worth it to raise almost £900,000 (by Sunday lunchtime) for five MND charities.

“In many ways we’re the lucky ones. We get fixed up. Those in the MND community and those who have been diagnosed, they don’t have that option or that choice,” said Sinfield.

“They’re unable to get themselves right again. So it’s been worth every step.”

Asked what he would remember most about the week, Sinfield said: “There are lots of really quick interactions and fleeting moments. 

“Rob and (his wife) Lindsay starting us off, to get a few minutes in the dressing room with them before starting was particularly special. 

“Then everywhere we’ve been, the extra mile on each day when the MND community have joined us.

“There have been some fantastic families involved. We’ve seen a lot of people in wheelchairs and breathing operators with MND.”

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