Koukash to make decision on Salford future at end of the year

Marwan Koukash has confirmed that he will think about his Salford future once the season is over.

Following the club’s failed salary cap appeal, it has been speculated that the Red Devils owner could leave the club.

But for the time being, Koukash insists it is important to focus on the upcoming Qualifiers, with Super League survival the objective.

“The immediate future is we just need to concentrate on ensuring we’ve got Super League status,” Koukash told BBC Radio Manchester.

“As for me, I’m absolutely tired physically, mentally and emotionally and I just want to wait until the end of the year.

“My family suffered recently and I just need that time to think it over. I’ll decide at the end of the season what I will do.”

If Koukash does decide to leave the club, he has confirmed that he will put the club into the hands of fans.

“I’ve always said I’m a custodian of the club and it will always belong to the fans

“I will never sell the club onto another owner. I will put in place fan ownership, the season ticket holders will become the shareholders and they will elect a president, chairman and board.”