Krisnan Inu on playing retirement and start to coaching role at Salford Red Devils

KRISNAN INU said it was an “easy yes” to end his playing career when Paul Rowley offered a return to Salford Red Devils.

Inu enjoyed a 16-year top-level career, playing in Australia, New Zealand, France and England, representing the Kiwis and also trying the union code.

He helped Leigh Centurions win promotion from the Championship last season but then chose to hang up the boots when Salford head coach Rowley offered him an assistant coaching role back at the club he played for between 2019 and 2021, reaching two major finals.

“He gave me a bell after the season finished with Leigh, to see what my plans were,” said Inu, 35.

“He just put coaching out there as an option if I wanted to think about it, being at the back end of my career. 

“I’ve played for so many different coaches and played in so many different teams. 

“I knew I had a lot to give back to the game and especially to the boys playing at this club. There was some unfinished business, whether it was as a coach or helping out at local clubs. 

“This assistant role just got put in front of me and I thought it was too good an option to miss. 

“I was willing to hang up the boots for that, rather than keeping putting my body under all that stress for nothing later on. It was an easy yes.

“I finished on a high. Playing in the Championship is a lot different to playing Super League. I thought I found a love of the game again. 

“Going out on a high with the trophies we got and the season we had over there was a good way to finish.”

Inu admits he is still getting used to the adjustment from player to coach.

“It’s very different to what I’m used to,” he said of his first weeks being involved in Salford’s pre-season.

“I’m trying to find my place. Knowing I’ve got the whistle rather than being on the line is different.

“I’m learning as much as the boys are; I’m trying to take on what I can bring to help them out. Every day is a learning day.”