Lam has confidence in Wigan squad

Adrian Lam has complete faith in his squad returning in top shape once they return to the club.

The Warriors squad, like their Super League peers, are currently furloughed and have been left to their own devices during lockdown.

Once they do return to training, they are likely to have minimal preparation time before the action returns, meaning that what happens during that period will be vital. As a result, Lam is keen to use all the time afforded on fine-tuning their skills, rather than playing catch-up.

That will require his players to come back in good condition and Lam warned: “When they come back in they will be tested and there will be nowhere to hide.

“As a coach you know which players will return in top shape and others that maybe won’t.

“The players understand this club has been successful for a long time and that’s because of the people within and the standards they’ve set.

“Once you pull on that Wigan jersey they know what is expected, they are the best in their field and profession.

“In my heart, I have no doubt 99 per cent will come back where they need to be but, we’re hoping the RFL and Super League give us info as early as we can so we have as much time to prepare them to play, but also to make sure they pick up where they left off.”

Lam also believes the unique circumstances surrounding the return will prove which clubs are superior.

“Nobody benefits any more than any other,” he said.

“When it gets closer, we’ll see the better club comes forward.”