League Express launches vote to decide the greatest ever Super League Dream Team

It’s a common topic of debate amongst Super League fans, who would make the greatest Super League team of all time?

Throughout the past 20 seasons the competition has been embraced by a number of world class athletes in every position, but, with the help of League Express and TotalRL.com fans, Europe’s best-selling Rugby League paper is taking on the challenge of categorically deciding the greatest thirteen once and for all.

Over the next nine weeks League Express shall publish a brand new feature piece, highlighting the top 12 players in each position and making a case for each star to make the final team.

But the power is in the hands of the readers, who will have the opportunity to cast their vote every week on TotalRL.com, with the end result determining who makes the cut.

In this week’s League Express, the best ever full-backs shall be featured in the paper, with the vote going on TotalRL.com later in the week.

To find out which 12 full-backs are on the list, reminisce with a look back at some of the game’s greats and discover some unknown facts, buy this week’s League Express.