Lebanese Official suspended indefintely from all Rugby League

The RLEF has banned Lebanese rugby league official, Ghassan Dandach, from all rugby league activities for conduct prejudicial to the sport.

Following a complaint by the Lebanese Rugby League Federation, Ghassan Dandach, the federation’s women’s development officer, was found guilty of holding money due to the Lebanese Rugby League Federation accrued from the women’s international against Italy on 25 February 2017.

He was ordered to pay $2500 due to the LRLF and a $500 fine. Mr Dandach lost an appeal against both the verdict and the severity of the sanction.

Mr Dandach, who is also the vice president of Jounieh RLFC, is banned indefinitely from holding any position with the LRLF and / or RLEF, and from being involved in any way with any LRLF or RLEF affiliated organisation.